With the UK government guidelines advising people to work from home where possible during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is an increased likelihood that people will have to call on their creative skills to build a space that works.

Creative home office design. 

Creating a home office isn’t always that easy, particularly if you been asked to make the change at short notice.

Depending on your living space and who you live with, who gets the 'desk' or the table to be able to work from? Are you used to having more than one screen, having a keyboard and mouse? Or are you now stuck with a laptop which feels odd and unfamiliar?

And what if you don't have an 'office job', but you can still work from home? Can you create the physical space you need to do you work, in a smart, safe and stimulating way?   

Creative home working spaces aren't just for 'creative jobs'.

Most work that can be done from home calls upon a broad range of creative skills, particularly areas like problem-solving during these unprecedented times.

If you are used to drawing creative energy from the place where you usually work, take some time to think about how you can aim to recreate that in your new home working space. If you can, vary where you work in your home and think about the unique opportunities home-working brings to make things more personal.

Sharing your working from home space.    

It is becoming increasingly apparent that working from home isn’t the easiest and that many aren’t people aren't equipped, nor have the space, to do so. What is your working from home setup like?

Do you have other family members who are working from home too? Depending on your jobs, particularly those involving confidential conversations, you might have expand the range of places you are prepared to work in, at certain points in the day (or night!).

From a desk, the kitchen/dining table, the sofa, the bed? If you need advice on how to stay motivated and set up the perfect workplace, see our how to stay motivated working from home advice.

Some people have tried to keep as much normality as possible and are going to great lengths to set up a working environment.

Good luck setting up your ideal home working space.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourites images we have seen online of others who are doing it well and not so well.

ironing board desk
ironing board desk
toliet roll
toliet roll
Spoiler desk
Spoiler desk