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A shift of power in the jobs market has well and truly come into effect. For the first time in years, candidates  have the upper hand in controlling their career prospects. 

We hear from industry experts and leading professionals in core sectors about what they are doing to attract and retain key talent in 2022.

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HR trends shaped by the pandemic

Re-evaluating your recruitment strategy post-covid.

When the pandemic struck, plenty of commentators expected job centre queues to lengthen. Instead, there has been something of a jobs miracle, with unemployment incredibly low. Candidates are in a strong bargaining position to be more demanding. We predict that about nine million people will be looking for a new role in the first half of 2022 as a result. The balance of power in the workplace has shifted dramatically in favour of employees.

Our latest insights on 2022's HR trends shaped by the pandemic provides a deep dive into the construction, education and technology industries as we explore real case studies on leading organisations who are driving change. 

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  • recruitment industry trends
  • how to create a great recruitment strategy
  • effective hiring strategies
  • how to recruit top tech talent
  • recruitment in construction 
  • teaching staff recruitment

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