The Randstad Award is the world's biggest independent study into where people want to work, and why?

The annual survey is three times the size of any other similar study, polling over 225,000 people and covering 75% of the global economy.

In autumn 2015, the UK Randstad Award survey asked 7,500 working age adults, across 26 industries, which UK sectors they perceive to be the best to work. 

The sectors considered to be the most attractive to work for in the UK are:

  1. automotive/aerospace (cited by 45%)
  2. pharma/life sciences (37%), and
  3. electronic/engineering (36%)

Both men and women, all age groups, education levels, and in all parts of the country rank automotive/aerospace the most attractive sector to work in. The sector is also rated first for good training, strong management, interesting job content, pleasant working atmosphere, and good work-life balance. 

With these figures in mind, isn't it vital that the UK manufacturing industry as a whole continues to thrive? Following current events on the UK steel industry, should the government intervene?

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Given the automotive/aerospace sector employs under 1% of the UK workforce, the significance of its top ranking is the quality of employment it is perceived to offer: interesting jobs and good training, combined with ‘softer’ work-life balance and pleasant atmosphere attributes: it ranks third for salary and career opportunities. 

Closer to home, it makes sense to look at your sector competitors: what do they offer that you do not, or may not be perceived to offer? Employer review sites can provide information on competitors’ recruitment site traffic as well as reveal what employees – and candidates – say about them; or about your organisation.

Top 10 most attractive sectors

Among respondents who know one or more companies in a particular sector, the percentage who would like to work for companies within that sector.

  • Automotive/Aerospace 45%
  • Pharma/Life Sciences 37%
  • Electronic/Engineering 36%
  • Professional Services 35%
  • Marketing and Media 35%
  • Retail 34%
  • Investment Banking 33%
  • Healthcare 32%
  • FMCG 31%
  • Retail Banking 30%

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