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top reasons for using a recruitment agency.


1. Recruiters save you time

2. Recruitment agencies have specialist skills to fill jobs

3. Databases of candidates 

4. It’s their job to fill vacancies

5. Guidance from recruiters can answer all questions quickly


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what are the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

As an employer, you’ll want to fill your vacancies quickly and you want to know that you can trust the agency you’re using to find the right candidates. There are many recruitment agencies out there but only a few will have solid values in place or a wider understanding of people. By finding the right agency to recruit talent you know that you can reuse their services, safe in the knowledge that you have a relationship and are aware of the needs of the business. For this, you need to just pick one. 

Often hiring managers will resort to a scattergun approach, using as many recruiters as possible to fill a role and hope for the best. In a job-short, candidate-rich market your job offer is like gold dust, and choosing a candidate should be treated the same way, otherwise, you’ll just be looking again in a few weeks. 

disadvantages of using multiple recruiters.

  • Time wasted briefing recruiters
  • Candidates see your unfocussed job ads
  • Weaker messages across multiple sources
  • Some agencies may not see you as a priority
  • If you play the numbers game, so will recruiters.

You don’t want to spend your time telling multiple agencies the same message or having to change every few months rather than building a relationship with a trusted recruiter. Candidates notice if your ad is everywhere, across multiple sources, and if the copy is either the same or completely different. You want to be taken seriously, so your ads should reflect that, written by a company you can trust who come with a wealth of experience.


why you should work with one agency.


quality applicants.

Randstad’s consultants have the ability to use all available resources i.e. job boards, social media, network connections etc, therefore, applicant quality can be vetted, shortlisted, confirmed and suited to whatever specific requirements once. This is not replicated across multiple agencies you only need to speak to one person to confirm your list and source your candidates.


thorough research and background checks.

Once a recruiter receives your approval, they will start researching the candidate, asking for suitable referrals and more information if required. Your job listing is prioritised because you have signed on to a relationship with your recruitment agency. Recruiters will look far deeper than the first few candidates that might be a quick answer for a business they have no relationship with. The recruiter will target candidates with specific sector or skill sets and provide candidate and recruiter comments.


promotion of the business and job.

With the time to build a relationship with a company, Randstad’s recruitment team can gain a full understanding with detailed insight into the company. Brand values, their personality and objectives can be relayed to future employers much quicker. Armed with this knowledge to sell the company and role to a higher standard, our recruiters will perform far better to land your new workers. 


dedication to you.

The recruitment agency is responsible to secure you workers and their hard work is essential for maintaining company reputation. This generally ensures a fully dedicated approach to finding the right workers so you will come back for future roles across the business. 



Contact us today to let Randstad recruitment agency find you, workers, for your business. 

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how using one recruitment agency can find the best candidates.


why use a recruitment agency to find workers.

Finding candidates for a job is a long and difficult process, and even then you can still end up interviewing the wrong candidates or having to sort through hundreds of applications that just aren’t good enough. 

That’s where a recruitment agency comes in. As is their job, a recruiter will sort through the candidates that apply or reach out to people they already know that might be suitable for your organisation. You will be served a curated list of applicants only if they meet your set criteria with some background knowledge from the recruiter to their skills or key points that make them special for the role. 

Operating at scale this can also be achieved for an entire workforce in the same way. With set criteria, you can secure the right candidates for the job multiple times over to fit out a project. This becomes messy if you are using multiple recruitment agencies though.