four considerations to consider when addressing retention issues 

Flex workers are key to the success of manufacturing operations. These organisations have a strong need for agility, so ensuring access to a robust pipeline of temp, seasonal workers and other contingent talent is critical to operational continuity. Without these resources, manufacturers would find it difficult to quickly respond to fast-changing business demands.  

With talent scarcity a persistent challenge for many employers, however, retaining workers has become as imperative as procuring them. To ensure your business is perceived as an employer of choice, creating a compelling employee value proposition and a positive workplace experience are essential to nurturing workforce loyalty. While competitive compensation is always key to retention, you should consider additional critical factors when assessing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), including the following areas.

Compensation fit. A recent survey by MAKE UK revealed an increase of overall turnover in manufacturing rose to 14.4% up from 13.2% in 2017. The opportunity to earn overtime pay or extra shifts can act as a strong incentive to ensure workers stay, offering other benefits such as employee discounts, competitive pay rates and offering a variety of ways in which compensation is a good fit for job seekers. 

Job fit. Do flex workers leave your organisation after a brief tenure or do they choose to stay on for numerous assignments? Often, this is determined on whether the job is right for an individual’s skills set. A worker may feel overqualified or underqualified, leaving them unengaged and dissatisfied. An inaccurate job description or misrepresentation during the recruitment process may be the culprit. Or the expectations of the worker may simply be unfulfilled. Whatever the cause, make sure you manage expectations when hiring. Check that job previews accurately depict the work. Provide a transparent view of your company’s culture, policies and work life.

What are the other critical issues your organisation should monitor and support to enhance retention? You can learn more by downloading our “four rules for retaining contingent workers in manufacturing” guide. Get this practical advisory and put our insights to work.