talking to the experts.

Sue James - Trees and Design Action Group.

The committee on climate change requires 30 thousand hectares of trees planted every year to 2050. And the question is where to plant them. 

When it comes to timber construction segregated use of land management is important to ensure the sustainability of construction. 

green infrastructure.

Building around natural green resources and including sustainable materials in construction is important for the future of land management. As we use more and more resources building around green protected areas will be necessary for the environment and managing the use of land across the country. 

Utilising the natural power of trees for cooling and air purification as well as drainage and design will increasingly be important for the efficiency of construction. 

Keith Clarke - Constructionarium 

Institutions should be able to create net-zero projects within the next two years. From inception to delivery the importance of net-zero production should be clear to all manufacturers and builders. 

standardised emission measurements. 

A simple but often overlooked aspect of green construction is through accurate measurement. 

This doesn't mean a single data point or a start and endpoint but measurement through entire production cycles in order to identify the danger zones and work on improvements to that stage of construction. 

There are currently no formal rules on guidelines for emission calculations. And considering that built construction environments are 40% of the world's CO2 emissions it is an area the needs monitoring. 

"Proper measurement is a two-pronged approach, requiring both innovative technological solutions and a robust regulatory framework that ensures everyone is using the same yardstick.

The benefits are clear: more data and a single, overarching benchmarking system mean the worst offenders will be shunned and will prevent greenwashing. In an increasingly environmentally focused world, the greenest firms will attract the most investment"

- Othmane Zrikem - CDO at A/O PropTech.