black-belt lean six-sigma.

trained workforce analysts.

Our dedicated team of Black-Belt Lean Six-Sigma trained Workforce Analysts will work collaboratively with you to create lean staffing solutions and reduce waste in your temporary workforce processes. Our approach is repeatedly proven to drive efficiencies in the workforce using skills gap analysis, skills clustering, process improvement, on-boarding and training enhancements. At contract implementation, our team of analysts will complete a comprehensive onsite analysis for you to identify cost savings and share these findings with your management team.

Our approach is unique in the industry and delivers cost reductions that far outweigh savings that can be achieved through agency margin alone. Our typical areas of focus for cost reduction programmes at comparable clients are as follows:

  1. Rate card benchmarking
  2. Review of time-to-hire & labour planning metrics
  3. Shift optimisation to reduce production shortages
  4. Overtime spend analysis
  5. Synchronising T&A systems with existing internal systems 
  6. Review of ordering processes – including over hiring and over specification
  7. Review of back office processes
  8. Creating bespoke daily fulfilment MI and rebate tracker

who we are.

When businesses require a bespoke temporary or permanent on-site workforce we are here to support by driving cost efficiency, increasing productivity, implementing automation and reducing staff turnover.

a selection of clients we partner with: