Brexit poll impacting UK hiring confidence

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A quarter of businesses driven to short term contract solutions in light of Euro uncertainty.

Randstad UK, have recently polled 340 professionals around the impact of the impending EU referendum on hiring decisions currently felt by UK Plc. The majority of respondents (58%) claimed that their businesses were wholly unaffected by the poll of the UK electorate later this month, and were continuing to hire ‘as usual’. 

It’s also clear from the survey however, that there is significant impact felt by businesses around their hiring decisions. 17% have frozen hiring completely, which is unusual for mid-May and 25% are filling more of their vacancies with short term contract solutions. 

Alison Starmer, Managing Director, Randstad Client Solutions said, 'We see this kind of tentativeness around hiring decisions at regular intervals in the political and seasonal calendar. Every election brings some caution with it from a commercial perspective, as indeed do annual budget announcements, Easter, the July/August holiday season and Christmas. The Scottish referendum saw a similar blip in decision-making for companies that were affected, but things became more fluid quickly after. We envisage the same to happen with the EU referendum, whatever the outcome.'