Dr Michael Clayton on the secret to managing stress

Michael Clayton is a professional speaker, specialising in the concept of Personal Effectiveness for professionals, leaders, and managers.  

Michael is renowned for applying his ideas to the arenas of productivity, presentation, project management, personal and organisational change, and the science of influence and decision-making.

In August 2014, Michael joined Randstad and a diverse range of professionals from the care sector, on the Clipper Stad Amerstdam.

Delegates heard Michael explore a number of key themes in world of wok and in this exclusive extract, filmed on the Stad, Michael talks about how to manage stress.

If you'd like to get in touch about the topics in this video or for more information on Randstad, contact us today. 

You will also find expert advice on managing stress in the workplace in Randstad's comprehensive Workpocket HR Guide. You can order a free copy via this link.

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