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Attracting and retaining the best employees has never been more important in today’s competitive candidate-driven market, and creating the right employer brand is a crucial part of that process. Having a solid employer brand both in the marketplace and amongst your employees will give you access to a wider talent pool, reduce staff turnover and the cost of recruitment and ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The latest Randstad Award research revealed that companies with a strong employer brand have a 28% lower staff turnover and the cost-per-hire is 46% lower than in companies where employer branding is weak. In addition, 84% of workers would leave their current job for an employer with a better corporate reputation.  It doesn’t take a genius to realise a good employer brand, and therefore good HR management, is vital to your business. 

Managing staff properly can pay dividends in the long run, creating a happier and more settled workforce which ultimately leads to increased productivity. To support this, Randstad has created Workpocket World to give you a wealth of information about all aspects of HR for both employers and anyone having to recruit and manage staff. Easily accessible online or via your mobile, it offers clear-cut guidance, legal information, facts and recommendations as well as tips on how to build an attractive employer brand and manage staff.

Workpocket World also provides advice around candidates and job security, workplace culture, and employee reward and recognition – the top three factors which, according to the Randstad Award research, are what UK workers look for most when they search for an employer. 

What is Workpocket World?

HR is also a complex subject covering many diverse areas which can be either covered by law or company policy. Workpocket World gives any HR professional or line manager instant access via their desktop or mobile to comprehensive HR information and advice. 

As a searchable online resource, Workpocket World provides practical guidance on a range of HR issues as well as legal information and facts at your fingertips, right across the HR spectrum from sourcing candidates to retiring employees.

Why good HR management is important

As an experienced hiring manager or HR professional, you will no doubt be aware of the work involved in recruiting the right candidate for a role. The process can take weeks or even months for some positions, while staff turnover and hiring the wrong candidate is a considerable cost for all organisations. But good HR can reduce the risk of this, through a structured recruitment process, an onboarding program, and clear HR policies and guidelines communicated to all staff.

Similarly, if you’re an employee, effective HR will mean you know where you stand with your employer. Policies and actions which affect you in the workplace are clearly set out, giving you a sense of fairness and a channel to air concerns and grievances if necessary. 

Workpocket is your first stop for day-to-day HR questions, issues and challenges, giving you instant access to a wealth of information to help you make well-informed decisions and navigate complex HR matters quickly and effectively. 

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