Williams Martini Racing Team

Randstad partnered with Williams Martini Racing in 2006. Unlike other Formula 1 racing teams, Williams Martini Racing is wholly independent; and because they conduct almost all of their work in-house, having the right people on board is paramount.

‘Engineering excellence’ lies at the heart of Williams Martini Racing. It applies to every component on the car and every expert in their field. This initiative drives team performance and reliability, and explains why Williams Martini Racing has beaten off all competition on nine occasions since its inception in the 1960’s.

Randstad drives a high performance culture. We recognise that every member of our team impacts our overall performance, and we measure our own success on our ability to recruit the best people in the market.

Whilst you might think that it’s the drivers who are the main focus, Formula 1 racing remains a team sport - even during the race itself. It’s this cultural parallel with Williams Martini Racing that best places Randstad as their recruitment partner.

Whether we are recruiting for Williams Martini Racing or for any of our clients, we strive for perfection.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam

In the nineteenth century, clippers plied the great trade routes of the world, carrying cargoes of tea, spices from China and gold from California and Australia. Their tall masts could support more sails than conventional ships of their time, which allowed them to achieve speeds that had never been seen on the sea before.

Today, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam - inspired by those 19th century vessels and built in conjunction with both ‘the city of Amsterdam’ and Randstad’s founder, Frits Goldschmeding - is one of only two seaworthy clippers in the world.

Like its 19th century predecessors, she’s capable of achieving very high speeds and in 2000, she won the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race. With her tall masts, beautiful teak and mahogany woodwork, and 31 billowing white sails, a day on board is an unmissable experience.

An essential part of the Clipper project for Frits Goldschmeding and for Randstad as a business, was the opportunity it could offer in helping prepare people for successful careers.

During construction, the Clipper provided work experience and training for 138 unemployed people, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the workplace.

And today, the Clipper provides trainees in the sailing and hospitality industries with work experience and the chance to learn new skills.


Randstad partnered with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) in 2004 as part of our continued commitment to support sustainability and fight poverty around the world.

Whilst we both operate in very different contexts, our shared objective is to match the right people with the right jobs. For VSO, this means matching the skills of volunteers with the needs of communities in the developing world.

We support VSO by:

  • Helping recruit volunteers around the world
  • Providing strategic and practical support
  • Providing financial support
  • Supporting our people to take up voluntary placements

Together, we will work towards building inclusive and sustainable societies across the globe.