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Contacting randstad

Once the student has received their DSA letter with Randstad listed as their provider they will be directed to contact:

Randstad requests information

We will then request information from the student so we can set them up on our system (Opus). This information ensures we can direct the student to the regional team that will arrange their support and that we have all necessary information for invoicing. 

Requesting availability for support

Randstad will then add the student's information to our system and they will receive:

  • A GDPR statement from Opus
  • An email from the team with a request to fill out a form. This asks for the information we need to set up support, e.g. days and times they are available for sessions, requirements for support, etc.

Matching you with a support worker

Once we receive this form back, we match the student with a support worker. We may need to contact the student for additional information at this time, so we can ensure we get this match right. We'll do this via email or phone, depending on their preference.

Booking confirmations

Once we have matched the student to a suitable support worker, they then receive a booking confirmation via email from Opus with the name of their support worker and the session information. 

Confirming the session

The booking confirmation sends the support worker the student's contact details too. The support worker will get in touch with the student directly to confirm the session and find out any additional information they might need from you before the session. 

Approving the timesheet for the session

Once the session has taken place, the support worker adds a timesheet to Opus and submits this to the student to approve.

The student will receive an email with a secure link to Opus where they can either approve or reject the timesheet

The email will come from opus@randstad.co.uk

Remote vs face-to-face support

Throughout 2020, we have provided remote support to over 8000 students - this is where support sessions are held via a phone call or video call instead of in person. The vast majority of support will continue like this for the 2020/21 academic year. However, we can arrange face-to-face support on a case by case basis when safe to do so. Randstad will be able to help with this where appropriate.

our workforce.

We provide support workers to students across the UK. Some of our noteworthy numbers include:

The North:

  • Total students supported in 19/20: 5200
  • Total workers used to provide this support: 668
  • Total hours of support provided in 19/20: 96,686.5

The Midlands:

  • Total students supported 19/20: 2600
  • Total workers used to provide this support: 415
  • Total hours of support provided 19/20: 67,114

The South:

  • Total students supported in 19/20: 7700
  • Total workers used to provide this support: 805
  • Total hours of support provided in 19/20: 100,572
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