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frequently asked questions

what jobs are in health and social care?

There is a very wide range of temporary and permanent jobs available in the healthcare and social care sectors.

In the healthcare sector, jobs include frontline roles like healthcare assistants and nurses working across departments such as A&E, mental health, or in the community. Specialists are also commonly sought-after, such as occupational therapists and radiographers. Managerial roles can also be found, such as commissioning managers, and a range of support roles are available, including housekeepers, porters, cleaners and chefs.

In social care, the situation is similar. Frontline roles include social worker roles in a variety of settings, mental health officers, and children and family practitioners. Team and service manager roles are also common, as well as similar support and ancillary roles to the healthcare sector.

what do health and care jobs pay?

Given the wide variety of roles available in the health and care sector, pay levels differ considerably depending on the position, type, seniority, and how urgently the organisation needs to fill the post.

To find out how much specific heath and care jobs pay, visit the respective listings via the links above to view pay ranges.

how many jobs are available in healthcare?

There are typically many jobs available in healthcare and social care, so much so that the government provides skilled workers applying for a visa with a specific list of occupations in the field where there is a shortage in the UK.

The reasons for this shortage are many, including the effects of an ageing population, a lack of skills in applicants, and fewer people training in health and social care compared to leaving the profession.

how to get a job in health and social care

If you want to get a job in health and social care, there are a few things you will need to have in order to successfully apply:

  • Role-dependent qualifications – Most health and social care jobs require certain qualifications. This spans anything from a nursing degree or level 3 qualification for nursing jobs, to the level 2 food hygiene course hospital chefs are required to have. You can find out information on what qualifications are required in the role via our listings above, or at the NHS Health Careers site, which has information on hundreds of careers.
  • Role-dependent skills – On top of the correct qualifications, you need to have the right skills to perform the role effectively. This will come from experience and training, so be sure you articulate these skills in your CV, cover letter, job application, and interview.
  • Your CV – While all CVs share some of the same features, there are a number of things that are important to include for applicants to health and social care jobs. To learn more and ensure your CV is up to the task, our nursing CV template can be a good place to start.