Bagging a new job can be an exhilarating experience but finding the right new job for you can feel a tad overwhelming. So how do you know it’s the right time to find a new job? Our top tips highlight some of the warning signs and will help steer you in the right direction.  

when to look for a new job:

  • Act now - avoid seasonal peaks
  • Experience of mental or physical burnout
  • Lack of promotion opportunities

new season, new job - research your dates.

You don’t always need to wait until January to think about finding a new job. Of course, there’s ample opportunity with employers at this time of year but, even with the current skills shortage, expect more competition from other candidates at this time of year. After all, you won’t be the only person with a new job New Year’s resolution and why limit yourself to a small fraction of the calendar year. If you want to get ahead of the rush you could always begin your job search before the year draws to a close.

That being said, timing is important. If you’re looking for a new job in the education sector, you need to think about the academic calendar and resignation dates. Where as if you’re looking for a job as a labourer on a construction site, it’s worth being mindful of the seasonality especially with some construction projects slowing down during the colder winter months.

promotion or pounce on a new job?

How do you know when to leave your current job? Suffering from mental/physical burnout or friction with co-workers is often a sign that it’s time to start job hunting. That feeling tends to be amplified if you’re not feeling valued or rewarded for your efforts. If you’re in that position and a healthy promotion isn’t on the cards, or you’re having to push for one, it’s probably time to consider a new job. It’s a great way to push your personal development to the next level and find an employer who appreciates, and rewards, your skills and talent.

tap into temp or pass for perm.

If you’re considering handing your notice in, stop to have a think about what you want to get from your future career. If you’re looking for a speedy start and ample flexibility, a new temp role could be right up your street. From office admin jobs to tech jobs and education to nursing, there’s hundreds of temp jobs ready and waiting. If your current job is overwhelming, Sunday fills you full of dread or you hate your boss, a new temp job can offer a speedy solution.

If on the other hand, stability and company benefits is top of your new job list - a permanent role is probably your best route. In this case, it’s important to plan for your new job search before handing in your resignation where possible.   

know your sector inside and out.

If you’re trying to weigh up when is a good time to search for a new job, think about the trends in your sector and whether they go in your favour. GDPR legislation has given cyber security experts in IT lots of career opportunity in the past year. Look to teaching and Science and Maths teaching jobs in London have never been in such demand. Weigh up employer demand and candidate supply before making your decision to leave your current role.

when’s the right time to find a new job for you?

Sometimes only you know the answer. You know if you’re unhappy, should earn more money or deserve to be another rung up the career ladder. As much as you can conduct your new job research, sometimes your gut just tells you it’s time to move on even when you’re relatively happy in your current role.

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