Every building needs an electrician at some stage; whether in the construction of the building itself, to add more wiring where necessary, to maintain items or to fix problems when they occur.

It is therefore not surprising that electricians are often very much in demand – but how can you become a better one?

Become a better electrician in six easy steps:

Expand your skills.

Adding skills to your toolset is a great way to become a better electrician. There are many courses that can be taken to learn new skills and gain new qualifications. Many of these can be undertaken while working and there may even be financial support available from your employer.

Many manufacturers offer product specific courses to their brand and training with particular manufacturers of components. This can be very informative and will be a big tick for any employers looking for staff with those certifications.

This is especially useful when the certification is from a trusted industry manufacturer as it gives more weight to your CV.

Stay up-to-date.

As technology is changing all the time it is vitally important to keep up-to-date with developments within your industry to ensure you are following the best practices.

You can do this by reading industry magazines, keeping up with the changes in the codes and rules relevant to your career and staying abreast of changes in health and safety standards.

Be versatile.

There are two streams in electrician jobs; those that work in maintenance and those in the business of construction. In order to become a better electrician it would be a good idea to gain training in both areas so that you widen the roles you can take on.

This is particularly good if you are interested in both streams and speaking to your manager about getting more experience will show them that you are willing to learn.

Your manager may be able to arrange for you to gain experience from a colleague or can direct you to courses which might expand your knowledge and expertise instead.

Know where you want to go.

If you are looking to progress to the role of manager in your career, there are management courses and training opportunities to help you move to a more supervisory role.

Gaining management training could help you move up to the next rung of the career ladder and will open the door to plenty of positions within this industry.

Stay interested.

There are various ways to become a better electrician but the most valuable way to be the best is to remain interested. Try your best to stay curious by seeking out new information on your industry and getting as much experience as you can.

Further advice.

There is plenty of additional advice and a wide range of electrician jobs listed on our website here at Randstad CPE. Use this to stay on top of your career and make the most of your potential as an electrician.