For many people a job is a means to an end – do something because you have to to get paid and be able to do the things that really matter to you. But teaching is different. It is a life choice, a vocation, a calling even.

Those who become teachers have a real desire to make a difference and help others succeed. Teaching leaves a lasting legacy because the pupils you teach today become the leaders, innovators and thinkers or tomorrow.

Becoming a teacher can lead to an amazing and fulfilling career. It also provides plenty of opportunity for personal development. Not only can you be a great teacher but you can be a great leader, mentor and public speaker too.

top reasons people become a teacher.

  • desire to make a difference
  • enjoy working with children
  • lifelong learning
  • interacting with others
  • variety
  • inspirational teachers
  • desire to make a difference

You can experience incredible joy watching your students learn new things and grow as individuals. As a teacher you will equip pupils with the skills they need to view the world, to be creative, to be motivated, to explore and to use their imagination.

As a teacher, a desire to make a difference can lead you to try new teaching styles, adopt different practices or get creative. It allows you to develop your own teaching abilities to adapt to different pupils to get the best out of them.

enjoy working with children.

Working with cynical adults isn’t always fun but working with children who have not yet seen some of the harsher sides of life can be hugely gratifying. Children are often described as little sponges, soaking up all the information around them – you help them learn, process and enjoy that information.

Dealing with a classroom of kids and getting them to listen will also help build your leadership skills

lifelong learning.

Just because you’ve left school doesn’t mean you’ve stopped learning. Teaching is as much about teaching yourself as it is about teaching others and you can become a better teacher as you gather knowledge throughout your career. 

Not only do you become more knowledgeable about the subjects you teach but you’ll have a better understanding of the classroom strategies that work, the ones that don’t and how to get the very best out of your pupils.


interacting with others.

Teaching is never going to be a job where you sit in a tiny office and never see another soul. For starters, you’ll have as many as 30 students in front of you every single day!

You get to interact with students, other teachers and members of your community, all of which are constantly changing and making you far better at dealing with different characters and being a more confident teacher.


There’s never a dull day in teaching, even if they sometimes frustrate you! No two days are ever the same and even if you are teaching the same topic again, the way you teach can be very different as can the pupils who are learning it.

inspirational teachers.

It’s hardly surprising that a high number of teachers entered the profession because they were inspired to do so by the amazing teachers they had at school. But it doesn’t have to be a teacher from your own school days that inspires you.

There are plenty of amazing teachers working now who can guide you, motivate you and act as your mentor. 

Who knows, maybe one day it will be you inspiring someone else.