If you’re applying for a job as an accounts assistant you’re probably quite organised and methodical. You need to apply those same skills to your cover letter to make sure it not only reads well, but shows a potential employer just how right you are for the job.

Why do people still use cover letters for accounts assistant roles?

Your CV is your record of qualifications and experience and a vital part of the application process. But sending it to a hiring manager without a first-class cover letter is a bit like a sandwich without the filling – you give the hiring manager the necessary detail but without any personality or information that makes you stand out from the crowd.

A cover letter is your chance to show prospective employers why you’d make a good accounts assistant. It’s not just a regurgitation of your CV. It gives you a chance to pick out those key skills you have such as finance knowledge and bookkeeping that make you right for the job.

What to include in a cover letter for an accounts assistant

Employers will want to know what accountancy experience you have – do you have financial management experience? Can you carry out bookkeeping? Do you have experience with payroll and invoicing? 

But they’ll also want to know about your softer business skills such as organisational skills, analytical skills, leadership skills, communication and problem-solving skills.

Some key things that need to be covered in an accounts assistant cover letter are:

  1. Financial experience
  2. Administrative experience
  3. Related experience
  4. Job-specific terms/words
  5. Why you want the job

For financial experience, make sure you include any accounting responsibilities you have undertaken in the past. You can provide specific examples of what you have learned and instances where you excelled.

As an accounts assistant you’ll be expected to undertake certain administrative functions so demonstrating good administrative experience such as organisational skills, time management, record keeping, database management, filing and dealing with queries will also be important.

Don’t worry if this is your first time applying for a role. You can mention any recent qualifications you might have gained as well as draw on transferable skills you’ve picked up from other related roles, work experience or voluntary positions. If you’re a school leaver you might be able to demonstrate skills you learned working on a particular project, for example.

Using keywords is a great way to match your skills to the key ones listed in the advert. Refer back to the job description to make sure you are writing about skills you have that are required for the role and use the style of language from the job advert if possible.

One of the most important parts is explaining why you want the job. Make sure you explain why you want the accounts assistant role and what you could bring to it. Describe how your particular skill set will be of benefit to the company and what impact you've had in similar positions previously.

Additional Top tips.

  • Keep it concise, no more than one sheet of A4
  • Proofread your work and get someone else to check it through
  • Address it to the right person by name, no “Dear Sir/Madam”
  • Research the company so you can write confidently about why you would be useful to it
  • Include where you found out about the accounts assistant role and close with “Yours sincerely,”