With a large number of candidates for electrician jobs, it is important to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Interviews can be a stressful experience, so preparation is the key to reducing levels of anxiety and giving the best impression on the day.

Electrician interview tips.

Before attending your interview, research both the company you are interviewing for and if possible, speak to a few employees to get a feel for the type of company you may be joining.

If it isn’t possible to get advice from employees, search online for the goals and principles that the company stands for so that you can show you have done your research.

One thing to remember: don’t forget to make sure you dress professionally and are punctual for the interview!

What to expect during an interview.

When it comes to the beginning of interviews for electrician jobs, many interviewers will chat to you to make you feel at ease in order to ensure they get as much information as possible within the time provided.

They might ask you a little about yourself but this will feature alongside other questions.

While you will rarely know what exactly the interviewer will ask beforehand, it is important to know some of the typical questions which you can expect to encounter.

These may include:

  • how long have you worked as an electrician and where did you learn your skills?
  • do you have any specialist skills that you could bring to this role?
  • can you tell us about your past projects and talk about any times that you had to use your initiative to solve an issue when there was no one to assist.

These may seem surprising questions if they already have a copy of your CV but these are standard questions to hear more about your experience and skills in your own words and to determine your level of passion for the role.

Anyone can read the details of a CV but when the interviewee describes their career, it is easier to gauge how they feel about the role and their suitability.

Land your dream electrician job.

When asked about projects that you have been involved with in the past, make sure that you choose a project that you can discuss in detail.

Remember that you will often be asked to back up your statements with fact and examples – don’t put yourself in a situation where you talk yourself into a corner.

Getting technical.

With electrician roles, you should generally expect the interviewer to ask many technical questions to ensure that you are not only qualified but that you can also display practical knowledge of your craft when put on the spot.

Electrician roles (e.g. industrial electrician) are skilled roles and knowing all of the terms of the trade is essential.

Questions you can ask.

It is always a good idea to have a list of questions that you would like to ask the interviewer as it shows that you are interested in the role. You could ask questions such as:

  • is there any scope for progression within the role?
  • is there the possibility for additional training or gaining new qualifications?

Show your interest in the role is greater than other candidates by asking intelligent, well thought out questions and confirm that you are keen to take on the role.

Never ask about salary in the interview as this can give the impression that you are just looking for money rather than having a genuine interest in the role.

Above all, keep your head and remember that every interview is an important experience in your development. Whether you are offered the role or not, you can always learn from your experience.