Although the interview process varies from job to job, your approach to preparation is essential to success.

Interview preparation.

Sometimes interview prep can seem a little overwhelming, but if you allow yourself enough time, conduct thorough research and rehearse your responses, you’re likely to alleviate stress and feel much more confident on the day. 

So, if you've just been invited to interview for a new role and you’re feeling a little anxious about what to expect, watch our five-minute guide to interview preparation below and find out how you can make a lasting impression. 

How to prepare for an interview.

Key points to remember from our video:

  • always begin your preparation by reading through the job description and matching your skills and experience to the criteria. 
  • spend time thinking about how you might respond to common interview questions. Remember these questions tend to fall into three categories: behavioural, hypothetical and stress. 
  • rehearse your answers out loud beforehand and try to bear in mind your non-verbal cues and body language. 
  • conducting research on the company and your interviewers is essential. The company website and social media channels will be your most useful resources for this. 
  • always prepare some questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview. This is a great opportunity to show off your knowledge and enthusiasm for the role. 

It's worth familiarising yourself with the most common interview questions and typical competency based questions before heading in too.

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