what is an account sales manager?

As an account sales manager, you are the primary liaison between a company and their regular clients. You are responsible for building and fostering relationships with various clients. Since you regularly interact with customers, you find new business opportunities and identify ways to grow account revenue. You also ensure the company products are delivered on time and provide good after-sales services.

Working as an account sales manager involves a mix of sales and customer service duties. Some of your sales duties involve creating new business opportunities and guiding clients through the purchase process. Your customer service role comes in when you manage your clients' portfolios and maintain good relationships.

As an account sales manager, your role focuses on generating revenue and maintaining client relationships. You also manage a team of sales professionals who help you create campaigns and track customers' progress in the sales funnel. Working as an account sales manager increases your collaboration with sales and customer service professionals. You stay in touch with long-term clients to generate recurring business. You also perform various administrative tasks like performance reviews and audits of the performance of sales reviews.

Would working as an account sales manager suit your customer service skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in an account sales manager role.

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average account sales manager salary

According to ONS, the average salary of an account sales manager is £31,285 per year. In an entry-level position, you receive a compensation package of £25,000 annually. With experience, your earnings increase to over £97,600 yearly. Unlike other roles with performance-based earnings, most companies pay account sales managers a basic salary with occasional bonuses.

what factors affect the salary of an account sales manager?

As an account sales manager, your compensation package depends on various factors, from your experience to the industry and company size. When you work in the insurance, finance or advertising industry, you are likely to earn more as an account sales manager. You handle major clients and provide services with high revenue potential increasing your compensation package. When you work in a big organisation, you are likely to handle major clients and earn more due to unlimited resources. Account sales managers working in small startups receive lower compensation packages.

Your experience also influences your earnings. When you are an entry-level account manager, the salary is likely to be lower than the national average. However, with experience, your compensation prospects increase.

working females
working females

types of account sales managers

The types of account sales managers depend on the position they occupy in the company, including:

  • junior account sales managers: as a junior account sales manager, you handle small client accounts in the company. For instance, you deal with individual clients like businesses to customers. Your job is to assist your clients with the purchase process and ensure they receive the products or services they require.
  • senior account sales managers: as a senior account sales manager, you handle B2B clients. That means you build relationships with other companies to supply them with your products and services. Your job is to negotiate contracts and find upselling opportunities for clients.

working as an account sales manager

An account sales manager is an exciting role with promising growth opportunities. If you are interested in the role, check out the duties, responsibilities and work environments associated with the role.


education and skills

To become an account sales manager, you require the following qualifications:

  • education: pursue a bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing and economics. Since it is a client-facing role, completing a bachelor’s degree in business management equips you with the right management and communication skills to excel.
  • work experience: you require extensive experience in sales and customer service to excel in the role. You can gain experience through internships and entry-level roles in customer service and junior account manager positions. Since it is a leadership role, you require at least five years of experience managing client accounts.

account sales manager skills and competencies

The main qualities of an account sales manager include:

  • active listening skills: as an account sales manager, you rely on active listening to understand the client's needs. Your active listening skills help you understand client problems and develop useful solutions. If you want to build your listening skills, minimise distractions and reiterate what the other person is saying to acknowledge that you understand.
  • time management: as an account sales manager, you require time management skills since you handle various responsibilities. You require organisation skills to maintain regular contact with existing clients and develop new campaign ideas. Time management skills also help you plan sales campaigns and prioritise clients based on their value.
  • relationship-building skills: as an account sales manager, you nurture good relationships with existing clients to generate recurring businesses. You require relationship-building skills to develop and maintain strong relationships with long-term clients. The best way to build a rapport with clients is to understand their needs and provide high-quality customer service.
  • communication skills: as an account sales manager, you liaise with various professionals and perform duties that require excellent communication skills. Your communication ability is valuable in negotiating with clients, presenting to stakeholders and delegating duties to other workers. Your communication skills foster a great work culture since you can brainstorm sales ideas.
meeting with sales manager
meeting with sales manager

FAQs about working as an account sales manager

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of an account sales manager.

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