what is a media sales executive?

As a media sales executive, you identify companies that require advertising spaces and negotiate deals with them. You contact businesses and potential clients that may require advertising services. Aside from identifying new leads through emails, phone calls or social media, you reach out to the clients to guide them through the purchase process.

Media sales executives negotiate advertising contracts and liaise with clients to ensure their requirements are met and that adverts meet their standards. You also maintain strong relationships with clients to ensure they know the existing advertising solutions. When you build relationships, you can upsell other services to clients.

As a media sales executive, you bring together the client and the media company. That means you work with a media sales agency, advertising company and media or publishing company. You can work for various media companies, from radio and TV stations to publishers like magazines and newspapers.

While the role doesn't require extensive qualifications, most employers expect media sales executives to have work experience and desirable qualities. For instance, you require sales, communication and customer service skills to achieve your sales targets.

Would working as a media sales executive suit your customer service skill? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a media sales executive role.

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average media sales executive salary

According to ONS, the average salary of a media sales executive is £26,854 per year. In a junior media sales position, you earn a salary of £23,000 annually. When you are experienced or work in a senior media sales executive role, you take home a salary of £40,000 yearly. The role of media sales executives involves generating new customers for the business. Hence, some companies pay commissions or bonuses based on performance.

what factors affect the salary of a media sales executive?

Your compensation package as a media sales executive depends on the services you are selling. For instance, you earn a higher salary when you sell TV adverts to customers due to the wide coverage. Media sales executives selling advertising space on print media may earn less depending on the popularity of the publishing media. Like other sales roles, media sales executives are paid based on performance. Closing large business deals earns you a higher salary compared to smaller deals.

General salary factors like experience and qualifications also influence your earnings. When you are in an entry-level role, you have minimal experience and are likely to earn a lower salary. Working in large cities also improves your compensation prospects.

people office meeting
people office meeting

types of media sales executives

The types of media sales executives depend on the advertising spaces they sell. Some include:

  • digital media sales executives: as a media sales executive, you sell advertising spaces in the digital space. You secure clients that media companies and social media pages can advertise. For instance, you seek clients that require social media or YouTube adverts.
  • publishing media sales executives: your job is to identify clients who will place adverts in magazines, newspapers and other print media. You seek out customers who require advertisements on a company's online content to increase audience reach.

working as a media sales executive

Working as a media sales executive is an exciting career that allows you to interact with various people. Let's explore the role of a media sales executive, including daily responsibilities and work environments.


education and skills

The role of a media sales executive doesn’t require formal qualifications. However, the following educational qualifications improve your skills:

  • bachelor’s degree: complete a degree in sales, marketing or technology to enjoy a preferential status in the job market. The degree courses take four years and prepare you for your duties. Some sales executives also complete master's degrees in preparation for higher sales roles.
  • work experience: aside from education, employers require extensive experience in sales. For instance, you require at least one year of experience in media, sales or customer service to become a media sales executive. Find internship opportunities or entry-level jobs to kickstart your career.

media sales executive skills and competencies

Employers look for the following skills when hiring media sales executives:

  • naturally social and outgoing: as a media sales executive, it is important to be social and outgoing since your job relies on networking and meeting new people daily. Your relationship-building skills help you connect with new and current customers to boost sales. Being outgoing also requires people skills like a sense of humour and reliability since you interact with people from different backgrounds.
  • excellent communication: whether you are communicating with clients by phone or email, you require great communication skills. While you want to get your point across to your audience, you don't want to overwhelm potential clients. Your communication skills help you leverage your tone and voice to maintain friendship as you negotiate a hard deal.
  • organisation skills: as a media sales executive, you have a tight schedule since you spend your day generating new leads and reaching out to clients to negotiate deals. Organisation and time management skills help you stick to a schedule and meet clients at their convenience. Organisation skills are also useful when you work on various projects.
  • resilience: as a media sales executive, resilience helps you handle rejections well. The ability to take rejection and find calm resolutions to volatile situations is valuable in the role.
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smiling woman

FAQs about working as a media sales executive

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a media sales executive.

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