what is a sales promoter?

A sales promoter influences potential customers to purchase their company's products. As a sales promoter, you create and increase customers' interest in products, make presentations, give out samples and carry out demonstrations as needed. You influence and persuade customers to try out your company's products. One way to do this is by letting them know what makes these products a better choice than what competitors offer. Ideally, you devise innovative marketing strategies to meet set marketing goals. You also build a positive brand presence for the products you promote=

Note that a sales promoter is not the same as a floor sales associate who primarily helps customers with anything they want to buy. A sales promoter creates awareness and tries to influence clients to buy specific products. As a sales promoter, you illustrate product uses, offer free samples and hand out flyers or merchandise. You also approach passers-by and deliver a promotional pitch. Usually, the company you work for posts you in a retail store or sales area with a dedicated display where potential customers will see the products.

Would working in sales as a sales promoter suit your talent in sales and sense of initiative? Then read on to discover the competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a sales promoter role.

sales promoter jobs

average sales promoter salary

According to ONS, the median compensation package of a sales promoter is £25,000 per year. Entry-level positions attract a salary of £21,000 annually, while experienced sales promoters make over £33,200 yearly. Some companies also provide commissions for promoters based on sales, while others offer bonuses and other perks like free merchandise.

what factors affect the compensation package for sales promoters?

As a sales promoter, your salary depends on your experience level and the products you are launching. Your salary increases with experience, so the more years you work as a promoter, the more you earn. The products you promote and the size of the venue also impact your earnings. For instance, those working in supermarkets or retail stores may make less than those promoting healthcare or electronic products.

Where you live and work also influences your salary. Working in large cities correlates to a higher cost of living and better wages.

male sitting at table with a coffee, smiling looking away.
male sitting at table with a coffee, smiling looking away.

types of sales promoters

Some of the types of sales promoters include:

  • b2c sales promoter: you sell directly to customers by approaching them in retail stores or on the streets. As a B2C sales promoter, you also demonstrate products to customers and persuade people to buy items by telephone.
  • b2b sales promoter: you sell and market a company's products to large distribution agencies and other businesses. The role also involves demonstrating products at trade fairs and searching for new clients.

working as a sales promoter

A sales promoter is a valuable sales team member who demonstrates product features and benefits to customers. The role requires in-depth knowledge of company products to build brand awareness.


education and skills

You don't require formal education to become a sales promoter, but most employers ask for GCSEs. However, sales promoters need prior experience in sales or marketing to excel in the role. Some employers are keen on candidates with knowledge of a foreign language, especially if the promotional work is at trade fairs and events that attract international audiences.

Most companies also organise briefing sessions and training on the product features. After the training, you should be able to answer any questions regarding the products or services.

skills and competencies

Some of the qualities of a sales promoter include:

  • marketing skills: marketing skills are essential if you intend to excel in this field. You require excellent product knowledge and the ability to build trust with clients, advertise your products and develop creative and convincing sales pitches.
  • customer service skills: a sales promoter requires excellent customer service skills to persuade customers to consider buying a product. You should be able to ask questions confidently and address potential customers' concerns.
  • confident presentation skills: having excellent presentation skills is essential. Good presentation connects the service, product and audience. You should be confident and articulate when talking about a product.
  • interpersonal skills: as a sales promoter, you require interpersonal skills, as not all customers will be willing to buy your product or listen to your pitch. It is also important to prepare yourself to handle rejection gracefully. Persuasion and patience are also valuable for dealing with different personalities.
  • communication skills: as a sales promoter, excellent communication skills are essential because the job is based on conversations. You advertise or create product awareness, do presentations and demonstrations and sell the products. The only way to do this successfully is to have excellent communication skills.
woman working outside
woman working outside


FAQs about working as a sales promoter

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