If the boss is the person who adds sparkle to a business, an administrator applies the oil that keeps its gears moving. Administrators help businesses to run smoothly and without their organisation offices would become pretty chaotic places.

Administrator jobs: variety and opportunity.

The role of an administrator varies greatly depending on the industry and size of organisation. In a small business, you might literally be everything from receptionist role and secretary to office manager and IT support. 

In larger firms, you will work in a specific section and in certain organisations, such as law firms or doctors’ surgeries; you’ll be expected to have specialist knowledge. But if you thrive on order and calm, hate mess and believe there is a proper place for everything, then working as an administrator could be right up your street.

Fact: Administrator salaries range from £16,000 to £33,000 depending on experience and location.

Little experience required

One of the benefits of being an administrator is that you sometimes require little or no experience and learn on the job. Most employers will look at your skills to see if you’ve got what it takes.

Employers who look for formal qualifications and prior experience will be impressed with degrees or a diploma in a related subject such as business management. Experience is highly valued so if you don’t have much, don’t be put off: try a temporary position. If you do a good job, those temporary roles might turn into a permanent one.

What skills do you need in admin roles?

Having solid numeracy and literacy skills are important and being able to type at speed helps too, so be sure to mention your GCSEs in English and maths in your CV. Expect grammar and spelling checks from some employers. Computer skills are a bonus and you’ll need to be organised and able to multi-task. 

From phone calls to the Christmas party, what does an admin job really involve?

Where to start! An administrator will answer phones, sort post, file, type notes, greet clients, organise diaries, manage office supplies and possibly the most important job of all: plan the Christmas party. 

You’ll most likely be based in an office and work around a 35-40-hour week. 

Admin jobs: a path to future career options.

Administrator is an entry-level position in an office and a great way to cut your teeth in the business world. It’s also a spring board to becoming a secretary, personal assistant or office manager. And because the job is so varied, you’re continually learning new things which can allow you to branch off into specialist areas like health and safety or IT.

Sound like you? Then put some time in the diary to apply for our best administrator roles.