Marketing executives have the potential to earn big while working in a creative and varied environment that they thoroughly enjoy. Marketing executives are responsible for generating a steady stream of business for their company and creating and projecting a positive brand image. They work as part of the business's marketing team to generate effective campaigns and projects designed to create high levels of awareness of their products or services.

This article will explain how much individuals interested in marketing executive positions can expect to earn during their careers and what steps they can take to maximise their income while performing the role.

Marketing executive salary expectations.

Marketing assistant roles are available in both the public and the private sectors but, increasingly, the private sector pays workers more attractively. According to, marketing assistants can expect to earn an average of £23,350 per year. As they progress through their career, the salaries rise sharply, however, and marketing directors bring home an average of £64,739. The average salary for a marketing worker, in general, is £32,975.

Most companies and public-facing organisations need some form of the marketing department to function effectively; therefore, there is a wide range of opportunities available for those interested in marketing, all across the country. Some locations are better than others salary-wise, however, with London comfortably coming top of the pay chart.

As marketing jobs often involve travelling to meet clients and attending relevant events, London is undoubtedly one of the best places to be as a marketer and this is reflected in the pay rates; however, competition for positions in the capital is also higher.

Hard work will result in profits.

The best way to boost a salary as a marketing executive is simply to work hard and earn a reputation as a reliable and effective marketer. Individuals who are able to prove their abilities to their company and have evidence to back it uphold all the cards, as they will become indispensable to their organisation and be able to either secure a pay rise or a promotion. Alternatively, they will have gained enough experience to be able to look for a better-paid position at a different organisation.

Training courses.

Another good way for individuals to constantly improve their value is to take training courses in order to widen their skills and continue their personal development. This will help the individual to keep their knowledge up to date with current trends and ensure they remain relevant as the marketing industry evolves and develops. Digital marketing is increasingly important – and constantly changing – and individuals may want to ensure that their skills are kept topped up.

People who are just starting a career in marketing should look for roles that appeal to their interests, as they are likely to find it easier to move up the pay chain if they enjoy the work they are completing. It is common for marketing executives wanting to earn the best salaries they can to move to larger companies as they gain experience; this is simply because smaller companies often have limited resources and relatively small marketing teams, which can curtail progression.