There is a broad difference between maternity and paternity benefits among UK workers, according to recent research.

The survey, which was conducted by My Family Care, asked over 100 UK employers about the maternity and paternity benefits offered to their employees.  The research found that 25% of the companies only offered statutory maternity pay (SMP), which corresponds to 90% of the individual’s salary for a six-week period and then £138 per week for the next 33 weeks.  16% of the companies surveyed only offered statutory paternity pay.

My Family Care’s study also showed that parents working for larger companies typically received a better benefits package than those working for smaller organisations.  Businesses with more than 5,000 employees usually offer an enhanced maternity benefits package, with the longest period consisting of 52 weeks.

Most employers are not set up for “caring” for their staff and are more focused on maintaining an environment in which their employees can flourish.

"In the future it won't really matter what status people have: whether they're pregnant or gay etc. It's just whether they can do a good job," explains Ben Black, founder and director of My Family Care, adding: “So offering large maternity packages may not always be the most important thing. It's more about empowering your workforce to be able to work where and when they can. Shared parental leave and flexible working are just two good examples of this.”

Smaller organisations have more trouble meeting the needs of their employees when it comes to maternity and paternity leave.