I have applied for a job online, but I am still waiting to hear from you? 

Your application will have been sent to the consultant managing the vacancy who will review your details. If your skills and experience form a close enough match with those required for the position, the consultant will contact you in the next few days to discuss your application. If not, it may be that your skills and experience were not the best match for that particular position. Contact details of the local Randstad branch dealing with your application will have been provided, or you can contact us now. 

I worked for Randstad a while ago, do I need another interview with you?

Yes, you do need to visit us again so that we may update your details, make any necessary changes and take references from your most recent employment. This is also an ideal opportunity for you to tell us about any additional skills and experience you have gained, or training you have taken. 

What benefits do you offer to your temporary workers?

When you register with Randstad, your consultant will provide you with information on becoming a ‘Randstad Flex Associate’. Once you start work with us, you will be placed on a contract of employment with Randstad with access to a range of associated benefits. 

I don’t think I’m on the right tax code?

You may be taxed at a higher rate until we are notified by the tax office of your correct tax code. However, if you are on a BR tax code, this means we have not received any tax forms from you and therefore the default tax code (BR) is used.

If you have a P45, give this to your consultant as soon as possible. If not, you should complete a P46 as soon as possible (available in your local office).

It could also be that your P45 from your last job had BR tax code on it, you ticked statement C on the P46 you submitted or HMRC asked us to put you on this tax code (usually HMRC would also inform you of this in a letter.)

If after contacting your consultant you need to contact the tax office, the details are:

The PAYE Reference is 070/R1129.
Regent House
Hardaway Head
Queen Street
EX32 8RR
0845 366 7830

How much holiday pay have I accrued? 

Your consultant will be able to inform you how much holiday pay you have accrued. The pay rate that we use is an average of your last twelve weeks' pay rates. If you have been paid at different rates in the last twelve weeks, these will be taken into consideration in order to pay holiday at the best rate. You will also be asked to complete a holiday request form and should give at lease two weeks' notice of your intention to take paid leave.