Since 1975 Yorkshire Day has been celebrated on 1 August to promote the historic English county of Yorkshire. Speak to any one of our consultants in our Yorkshire offices and they are proud as punch to wave the white rose flag.

Yorkshire has an employment rate of 73.8%, which is slightly lower than the national average in the UK of 74.6%. Most people in the region, as with the rest of the country, work in the service sector, which includes industries like accommodation and food services, administrative and support services and things like motor repair.

But what is it about Yorkshire that makes it such a great place to live? We asked our employment experts what made them most proud to be from 'God's own country'.

  •  If Yorkshire were an independent country it would have finished twelfth on the league table in the 2012 Olympics - that is seven Golds, two Silvers and three Bronze medals to be exact!
  • Rental costs are well below the national average. According to HomeLet Rental Index the UK average agreed rental agreement currently sits at £908. Yorkshire falls 45% lower than the average, with a rental property costing £615 on average 
  • York is the 3rd happiest place to live in the UK according to a recent report called 'Unbroken Britain' by Provident Personal Credit
  • Yorkshire is in the top five for cheapest pint in the UK. According to the Good Pub Guide 2017, the average cost of an ale in Yorkshire will set you back £3.25 whereas the average cost in London is £4.08 a pint
  • Yorkshire has its own day to celebrate all things that make Yorkshire great. Can’t say the same for our friends down south in London!

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