The CIPD has backed a new national campaign to help boost employability of young people throughout the United Kingdom.

As the world’s largest chartered HR and development body, the CIPD has stated that both the business and HR communities play a vital role in stimulating social action among young people and helping them to build employability skills.

The Campaign for Youth Social Action is designed to encourage more young people to get involved in things like charity projects, community projects, and volunteering.

The countrywide initiative was launched last week with leaders from the education, voluntary, business, and faith sectors all participating. The Prince of Wales convened the gathering and representatives from all major political parties were also in attendance.

A review commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron and carried out by Amanda Jordan, Corporate Citizen chair, and Julia Cleverdon, Business in the Community VP, is the inspiration for this national campaign.

The commission stated that only about 29% of young people in the United Kingdom currently participate in any sort of youth social action. In Canada, the rate is 58%. Lack of support from adults has been shown to be the key barrier to youth participation.

“Businesses and their people in HR positions have an important role to play in promoting social action in young people,” explained CIPD chief executive Peter Cheese. “It is clear that participation in high-quality social action activities can help equip young people with some of the crucial skills and experience required to allow them to succeed in their future careers.

In conjunction with the CIPD’s latest campaign, the UK government will also be funding new youth organisations, which will help to connect young people with new social action projects and activities.

Schools, social enterprises, and charities throughout the UK are eligible to apply.