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what does a quantity surveyor do?

Quantity surveyors work within the land management, property and construction industries, calculating and managing the costs of projects, from helping to create initial estimates to finalising the complete budget requirements.

Quantity Surveyors start a project to see if it is feasible to begin the planned construction or repair. You will then oversee the expenditure phases of development, often on the site, through to the completion of construction, keeping a constant eye on the forecasted and actual costs. You will be required to react quickly to problems and changes in specifications with updated costings and reviews.

how do you become a quantity surveyor?

Many quantity surveyors are university educated, with specific degrees in subjects accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). You can also choose to do a degree in a different subject and then undertake a RICS accredited postgraduate conversion course. A degree in:

  • building or construction
  • civil or structural engineering
  • mathematics

would be preferred to an employer, but any may be acceptable. 

how to become a quantity surveyor without a degree?

As a technical surveyor, you can get into the industry without a specific degree. However, to progress to the role of quantity surveyor a degree is needed. You can study part-time while you work, or may even be supported/funded by your employer. This will put you track to becoming a chartered surveyor and a member of the RICS. 

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what's a quantity surveyor's salary?

An average quantity surveyor earns between £20,000 and £30'000 depending on experience level. With a chartered status and experience your salary will average out to £38,000 where a highly experienced worker can expect anything from £50,000 to £80,000+

what skills do quantity surveyors need?

  • analytical and numerical 
  • management and leadership
  • communication and negotiation
  • writing skills and spreadsheet usage
  • industry knowledge

To be able to work effectively you will need to have the knowledge and skillset to be able to write reports, edit excel documents, present these to suppliers and contractors and adapt to any changes that will arise. 

building surveyor

job description.

what does a building surveyor do?

From multi-million structures to small repairs, a building surveyor will create detailed reports or building surveys to identify defects for maintenance and restoration. Projects can be existing buildings, architecture, historical structures and new designs. You may also look to improve on current buildings to make them more sustainable with modern technologies. 

how much does a building surveyor get paid?

Graduate building surveyors would look to earn £22,000 to £26,000 with peaks in expensive areas like London. After a few years of experience, this can rise to £28,000 and nearing £50,000. The average salary from the RICS is £44,000. 

With a chartered status, you can look to earn 15% on top of these figures and at senior level expect £70k with partners and directors looking at £100k+.

what qualifications do building surveyors need?

A degree in building surveying combined with technical knowledge is preferred, however, you can enter this role with any degree. One in a relevant subject of the sciences would be helpful. 

Studying a RICS-accredited degree will qualify you to becoming a charted surveyor similarly to a quantity surveyor. Technician and apprenticeship schemes will also gain you entry to a surveyor career able to work you way up gaining experience from on the job training.