mental health in education speaking out loud.

Mental health awareness and attempts to tackle it are on the increase but for one in four of us it remains an everyday reality. We surveyed 2,145 teaching staff to find out more about the mental wellbeing of those working in our schools and colleges.

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mental health matters.

Of the teachers who responded to our survey, 94% reported having 'good' or 'perfect' mental health. Is the mental wellbeing of staff better than we may have first assumed?

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88% stayed in school.

An overwhelming 1,599 respondents did not take a day off last year due to mental health problems. Those who reported the worst mental health took more than three working weeks off.

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supporting your staff.

Only 56% of respondents said their employer offered mental health support, but 91% of employers we spoke to said they had mental wellbeing programmes in place - are your staff aware of your support structures?

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Whilst the statistics are encouraging, there’s still room for improvement. Teachers do an amazing job but our survey shows a majority of schools still do not detect early symptoms of mental illness. Talking about mental health is a step in the right direction, it’s now time for employers to open their eyes wider to its early stages.

Victoria Short, managing director, Randstad Public Services
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