our training.

The e-learning packages we offer include:

Assistive Technology

Designed to educate support workers on the different assistive technologies available to students, and understand how they can support different needs.

Autism Awareness

Improving general awareness of what autism means, creating an understanding of the behaviours of someone with autism and instilling confidence in support workers to ensure that they can help students with autism achieve their academic potential.

General Disability Awareness

To raise awareness of the different forms of disability, law surrounding disability and how to offer the best support to the student.

How to be a good note-taker

To educate and update note-taking support workers on best practice methods and the overall purpose of their role.

How to be an effective Support Worker

General guidance and best practice on working as a Support Worker for students and information on the Code of Conduct every employee of Randstad Student Support must follow.

Mental health awareness

To raise awareness of mental health difficulties and best practice methods for supporting students in higher and further education who suffer from mental health difficulties.

Specific learning difficulties

To develop specialist knowledge in specific learning difficulties and what these include, as well as their impact on students in higher and further education and how Support Workers can best support students and help them achieve their academic potential.

Lone Working

The purpose of this content is to make the support worker more aware of their personal safety and the level of risk they may face when supporting a student in the home. It will also cover how to conduct a Risk Assessment.

Safeguarding Adults

Designed to help those working in care and support environments understand the nature, signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect in care settings. This module is also designed to give staff confidence in preventing such situations arising and managing them effectively.

Professional Boundaries

To educate support workers around the specific boundaries in support worker roles, the benefits that these boundaries provide and why the support worker should apply them in their role.

Health and Safety

To educate support workers around the key common areas of risk at work how they can find out more to ensure that work is made safe.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

To educate support workers around the importance of confidentiality and how to ensure data is protected to the best of their ability.

General Disability Awareness

To raise awareness of different areas of disability and to have a greater insight into how to offer the best support service to the person you are supporting

In addition to the modules shown above, we also design bespoke e-learning modules that take into account the personal needs and branding requirements, if applicable of each individual university. We can also adapt specific content to suit your institutions terminology and messaging.