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2022 report

mental health matters.

Over a quarter of UK students (37%) are experiencing their state of mental wellbeing changing for the worse since starting higher education. The 2020 'an investigation into student wellbeing' report based on the responses of over 1800 highlights some alarming statistics. Comparisons to responses just two years ago reveals some interesting insights.

Victoria Short says:

Managing Director of Randstad Public Services

There are thousands of students across the country who have a disability, a mental health condition or learning difficulties who can benefit from Disabled Students’ Allowances. Not everyone knows that DSA exists however; nearly a quarter of those surveyed were not aware they had the invaluable service available to them, which 96% recommend taking advantage of. 74% of those surveyed stated that DSA support had a positive impact on studies and helped to achieve higher grades, further supporting the benefits of such an incredible scheme. Our new report highlights some of the concerning issues and contributors towards poor mental health among students. Universities need to be doing more to support students’ needs. Although being able to access DSA is beneficial for those that need it is a step in the right direction, higher education institutes need to be more forthcoming in promoting the benefits. There is a need to create a more open culture to discuss any potential barriers to learning, such as poor mental wellbeing.

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