48 hour construction

fighting the coronavirus.

construction curbs concerning coronavirus.

It only took 48 hours to convert an empty building to a fully working hospital housing 1,000 beds in China. The efforts of the construction team saw hundreds of pieces of construction machinery and workers fighting against the clock to open the Huangzhou District hospital.

Originally scheduled to open in May, the building shell had already been constructed and was under planning authorisation to be completed by Q2 2020. However, with the announcement of the corona virus quickly spreading, local authorities announced on the 24th Jan 2020 the building needed to be completed by the following week. By the next day work was underway. 

construction livestreams generate 40 million viewers.

Hosted by China's official CCTV broadcaster, the livestreams of the build over 10 days, has accumulated 40 million viewers able to live-comment on the videos with praise and adoration towards to construction workers. 

cement mixers become celebrities in China.

The popularity of the timelapse videos and live cam footage has led to the construction vehicles earning unusual fame. Cement mixers have been titles "The Cement King", "Big White Rabbit" and "The White Roller".

One of the hospitals in the plan Xiaotangshan Hospital, was built in seven days, from start to finish allegedly breaking the world record for the fastest construction of a hospital.


building more hospitals. 

Four hospitals are planned in the Wuhan area, ground zero of the coronavirus, using pre-fabricated buildings and pre-designed models based on the construction of the medical centre in Bejing 2003, a seven-day task to tackle SARS. 

With the death toll now 132 in mainland China and 6,000 more infected with the coronavirus as reported by authorities, there is immense pressure to be able to build and safely open, fully operating hospitals capable of controlling the coronavirus outbreak. 

26 deaths were recorded on the 29th of January 2020, 90% of which were focused on one location of Hubei. As this outbreak is narrowed to key areas, the advent of more pop-up hospitals are an exciting time for construction and a harrowing time for humanity, but a great example of human resolve to prevent mass devastation. 

lockdown on travel to China.

Trapping over 50 million people, the regulations to control the coronavirus are extreme but necessary and present an opportunity to explore how the future of the construction industry is shaping into new worlds of innovation. As two more hospitals are built in Wuhan to accommodate 2,500 beds, this threat is being taken seriously and the construction industry has risen to the challenge to tackle it. 

All we can hope to see from the devastation of the fast-moving coronavirus that affects us all globally is to see it resolved and treated and in turn unlock a new understanding not only of virus control but how the construction industry can better be utilised to solve quick action crises. 


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