find me a construction job.


what construction jobs are there?

The construction industry has a huge diversity of jobs available, and Randstad are happy to host thousands across the UK for you to find.  


working in construction.

what's involved in the construction industry? 

Construction includes commercial, industrial, residential and engineering projects from roads to bridges and large scale building projects. The types of work you could be involved with can vary from new construction and remodelling to maintenance and repairs. In the UK construction work was valued more than £110 billion per year and 7% GDP (Government Construction Strategy, 2011).

is construction right for me?

Finding the right job, or sector to work in can be stressful, especially if it is new and unknown to yourself. We have filled our website with research and helpful guides on finding the right job for you. read on below or read our blog to find out if construction is the right job for you.

climate change and


what is the effect on the climate from construction?

20% of global emissions are produced by construction. The constant building and growing industry of new houses, repairing and demolishing old buildings in the effort to adapt and create takes its toll on the environement. But it is nessasry to grow as a popualtion, improve and evolve, we jsut need to be smarter about it. 

A rising trend in construction is the use of green technology and sustainable materials. These require a more skilled workforce to create and design as well as buiild and present a growing opportunity for higher paid jobs for skilled workers. From self-healing tarmac to modular buildings and high-speed railways, opportunites in construction are growing and evolving attracting a new wave of talent and in desperate need of skilled workers to fill new upcoming jobs.