Given the impact of covid-19, we can imagine that returning to work can prove quite challenging. The workplace might need adjustments, you want to make sure everybody who enters the workplace is healthy and that safety is guaranteed. 

To help you with these #newways of working, Randstad can provide professionals who are specialised in guaranteeing safety. Want to know more about these or other new jobs that can help your company? Or want to see a selection of candidates for these positions? Contact one of our consultants by clicking the button below.

Here are some new and already established jobs we’d like to introduce you to, that covid-19 has made necessary and/or increased demand for:

covid supervisor/covid host

The main job of a Covid-19 supervisor is to ensure all employees can work in a safe environment and feel safe going back to work. The Covid-19 supervisor informs all employees about the new protocols within the company building, shows the employees the right ways to move around and makes conversation to welcome everybody back to work. The dedicated employee will walk around to check if all employees are following the protocol, is responsible for speaking to people who are not, reports ongoing risks and problems, and escalates situations when needed. If employees have questions about – or suggestions for – the protocols, the Covid-19 supervisor is the point of contact and makes sure the suggestions are passed to the person responsible. This key role makes going back to work feel safe and easy for everyone who feels anxious or nervous about returning to work. 

Need help tracking down a suitable Covid-19 supervisor? Speak to our team today who can help.


construction covid marshal.

Due to changing safety requirements and social distancing measures, a new role for many workplaces is that of a Covid Marshall. This role was created to keep workers and visitors safe during working hours, with a special emphasis on social distancing, safely checking in visitors and contractors and ensuring signage is being used effectively.

what does a covid marshal do?

Candidates will be required to have a valid CSCS card and are typically expected to be paid around £10 per hour. For this role, applicants would be responsible for:

  • monitoring pedestrian routes on site
  • ensuring correct PPE equipment is used / worn
  • hand sanitiser is used and available 
  • monitoring social distancing guidelines are being followed on sites.

As a supporting role, new for 2020 covid marshalls are a recent addition to the daily safety team on sites to manage the workforce and guide them through the pandemic of COVID-19.

production line operator.

Manufacturing has continued to play a key part in keeping the economy going and key workers employed over the past few months. Randstad Inhouse Services have been working alongside Ford as part of the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium to help build 10,000 ventilators for the NHS. The Ventilator Challenge UK brings together some of the most innovative companies in the world, working together with incredible determination and energy to scale up production of much-needed ventilators.

Production Line Operators play a key part in supporting the NHS by manufacturing lifesaving ventilators. Get in touch with our experts who can find you qualified Production Line Operators today. 

medical screener.

Screening for covid-19 symptoms is a crucial part of the safety protocol in the new working world. It helps provide a safe work environment for employees and guests as well as reassurance for those who are anxious about returning to work. Employing a Medical Screener will make sure the screening happens in a professional way and no risks will go unnoticed. The ideal candidate for this role will have experience as a medical assistant, certified nursing assistant or as a licensed practical nurse. A Medical Screener will check employees’ and visitors’ temperature – with their permission – when they enter a building. They will ask screening questions and escalate situations when needed and take charge of documenting findings and results of the medical screenings.


During covid-19 times, a Receptionist’s job has become even more important. A Receptionist is the company’s first point of contact and has a significant role in the building access protocol. Since the introduction of Covid-19 the role of a Receptionist has evolved and greater responsibilities have been required to ensure safety and security.

The ‘face of the business’ monitors whether everyone is following the protocol, like disinfecting hands when entering the building and following the signage to keep the required distance. The Receptionist is also responsible for keeping track of the number of people in the building, and makes sure that only employees and visitors with necessary appointments enter. Extended receptionist duties now include, for some businesses, that everyone stays at their own workplace, and that there is limited movement between departments. For businesses who are not able to employ Covid Marshalls or Covid Hosts, especially in an office environment, the receptionist will continue to play a key role in keeping things running.


Offering a clean environment in the workplace is not just good for health and appearance, but also has the ability to increase the productivity of employees. It's now more important than ever to ensure employees have a safe, clean environment to work in, and that risks of covid-19 spread are kept at a bare minimum. This will allow everyone to remain healthy and increase overall productivity with added reassurance. Some businesses are employing more cleaners and increasing the number of shifts, especially while lockdown measures ease and more are returning to the workplace. 

All candidates considered must be well with no underlying health issues or displaying any covid-19 symptoms.

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