A CSCS card is your passport to working in construction so knowing how to get one, the tests involved and how much one costs are important.

Many fields of work require specialist training and certification and construction is no different. A CSCS card serves as certification in construction skills and construction safety and basically tells employers you’re good to go. There are different types of CSCS cards, depending on the precise area of construction work involved, so a little background checking will be necessary before preparing for the CSCS test.

why do I need a CSCS card?

Workplace safety on construction sites is of vital importance to both employers and employees. Standards for workplace safety in the United Kingdom are reflected in the content of the tests on health, safety, and the environment, which leads to the award of the CSCS card.

By promoting and ensuring the use of the CSCS card, the authorities establish a level of quality with regard to safety in the construction workplace. This helps to prevent the accidents, injuries, and fatalities that may otherwise occur on site.

changes in 2020 to grandfather rights.

It's all changed now to prove eligibility with tighter restrictions than ever. Luckily the process is now online and easier to apply than ever before. Find out what the changes to grandfather rights mean here

what CSCS card do I need?

CSCS is a construction skills certificate that is essential for many jobs in and related to the construction industry. A CSCS test is booked and taken according to a specific line of work, and a CSCS card is then issued according to this type of position in the workplace (operative, specialist, or managerial).

CSCS card types.

CSCS green cards are for labourers, gold are for supervisors and black for directors and business owners. Skilled tradespeople might require a blue card and red cards cover various other fields such as apprentice, trainee or technical supervisor/manager.

CSCS card test.

The purpose of the CSCS test is to assess a candidate’s knowledge of health and safety as it relates to the construction industry and the surrounding environment. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions, of which 38 are specific H&S questions and 12 are related to a behavioural case study. Candidates are given 45 minutes to answer the questions on a touch-screen computer. The test is booked and scheduled in advance, either through an agent or through a third-party company.

Once the test is successfully completed, the candidate can apply for the CSCS card, for a small fee. The CSCS Contact Centre is available to help with enquiries, and candidates for specific job types can get professional assistance from the specialist Randstad CPE team in matching their skills with a suitable job.

CSCS card training courses.

Training courses can be booked and taken as part of the preparation for the CSCS test. In addition to existing professional expertise, a course on health and safety awareness and, for managerial positions, site management safety can be excellent preparation for the test.

An official test revision book is also available. It contains sample questions on health and safety that are similar to those that will be asked during the test. Specific guidance is given on booking the test and obtaining the CSCS card. There is one book for operatives and specialists, and there is a different book for managerial staff.

CSCS construction card mock test and practice materials.

In preparation, you can take a mock construction CSCS card test online free that will help candidates familiarise themselves with the test. Video material is also available for study prior to the test being taken. Different video material is available for operatives, specialists, and managerial staff.

CSCS card renewal.

You can use a CSCS card checker to determine whether your labourer card is valid here.

When it is time to renew your CSCS card, you will have to make sure that you have the appropriate training certifications required to pass. It is also necessary to take the CITB Health and Safety Environment test, costing £19.50. Once the appropriate qualifications have been attained, you should contact the CSCS contact centre and pay the £30 fee in order to complete the renewal.

lost CSCS card.

If your card is lost or stolen you should get in touch with the CSCS contact centre who will be able to issue your replacement for the charge of £30 before the card is dispatched to you the next working day.

Already have your CSCS card and are looking for your next job in construction?