world's first 90% recycled bricks go into production in Scotland.

From Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, 90% recycled bricks have finally been developed by using construction and demolition waste.

In a modern climate in desperate need of change where 20% of global emissions are from construction, the news of more recyclable efforts to support the green technology movement is welcomed.  

what are recycled bricks?

The K-briq as it has been named, is a fraction of the CO2 emission of a traditional kiln-fired brick, requiring less than a tenth of the energy to manufacture at any colour. 

Now that the testing phase is complete Scotland looks to produce these blocks commercially after a deal with Hamilton Waste & Recycling. 

advantages of recycled bricks?

The K-briq is stronger and lighter than a traditional brick, using better technology to produce by cleantech company Kenoteq. Produced with concrete, brick and plasterboard waste, when combined together and compressed using a key binder there is no need to fire it so it holds strong with minimal effort. 

who created recycled K-briqs?

Conceived by Professor Gabriela Modero over 10 years ago, finally, the briq that looks like a normal brick and behaves like clay with better insulation properties is ready for release. 


“It is sustainable and not kiln-fired so it is far better for the environment and represents massive savings for the construction industry in terms of related taxes.”

- Professor Gabriela Medero (K-briq inventor)

how many recycled bricks can be produced?

With the partnership of Kenoteq, they look to produce 3 million bricks per year by investing in highly efficient machinery. This is off the back of meeting government demands to build 50,000 houses over three years, which hopefully the recycled bricks can be a key part of.  

85% of the bricks used in Scotland are currently being imported from England or Europe which raises sustainability concerns and climate effects of the transport methods. 


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