Over the last two decades the way we live and the way we work have changed at a rapid pace.

Technology has changed businesses and entire industries have changed their functions and how they provide services to us: the healthcare industry included.

Many of us may think technological advancements are revolutionising the healthcare industry, and creating further opportunities for business development.

However, others argue that technology may limit the human side of the workforce, with less opportunity for people, and more opportunity for robots. But, what do our healthcare CEOs think of the future of the industry?

The future of healthcare.

PwC interviewed 56 healthcare CEOs across 27 different countries as part of its Annual Global CEO Survey and found 86% see technology reshaping the industry within the next five years.

At the same time, 82% are also worried about the uncertainty of the economic growth in the industry. They are mostly concerned about over-regulation in the healthcare market and that a more skilled and educated workforce is not being created. 

In a recent survey, 52% of the respondents are confident about their overall revenue growth over the next three years - a considerably greater number than previous year’s 37% who thought the same.

Also, almost half (46%) were equally as positive about their future growth with the most optimistic sector of all being pharmaceutical and life sciences.

The importance of leadership.

Across all sectors, leading a workforce in a time of global change is going to be challenging. In order to work through these challenges, it is important that CEOs, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders work together to make the best use of collective skills and knowledge. How can this be done?

  1. create a shared sense of vision and purpose - build a positive ideal for the future around the needs of local people
  2. consider both short term and long term needs - doing this will ensure continuing development of business
  3. know your business and your industry inside out - you’ll appreciate the problems and the needs of the people you help
  4. recognise conflicts quickly and work through them - your business will thrive 

We are aware that the health and social care scene changes rapidly and we appreciate your team needs to change with it too. Let us help you with our wide range of bespoke training courses, designed to help your workforce function at its best.