Technology and engineering companies are the most innovative and offer some of the most coveted jobs in the world.

This year, Randstad Employer Branding Research showed the large company most UK employees would most like to work for is British Airways.

It knocked last year’s winner Rolls Royce off top spot and showed British workers want to work for heritage brands with engineering and technology in their veins.

Below, Randstad Construction, Property & Engineering forecasts the major developments and challenges in those sectors. 

Shortage of STEM candidates.

Careers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industry are in demand but attracting the best talent is difficult. Employers must be unique to the candidates of today and the future

'How many Facebook likes do we have?' 

The focus companies place on their social media has increased drastically. With few exceptions, businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors have fallen sharply behind other such industries in social media. Expect this to change.

Gender gap.

There is a minuscule number of women in leadership roles and talent leaders in tech and engineering must address the gender gap. Workplaces must be equal to improve financial performance. 

Automation decisions.

Companies are increasingly looking to automation to see where technology can reduce costs while analysing how its introduction would affect their workforce

Candidates will Tweet about you.

Candidates are increasingly vocal on social media, and they’re more than willing to share their experiences with an application process – be it good or bad!

Companies are engaging more candidates throughout the application process, while also working to cut down the amount of time it takes to apply

Competition for top talent.

Minimally skilled work of times past, today’s positions revolve around knowledge-intensive, highly skilled jobs. This explains why 73% of HR leaders today believe that the war for talent reflects today’s talent environment

Global workforce.

It’s arguably easier than ever to work wherever in the world a candidate wants so employers must be fast and agile talent solutions for given fields. This is especially true in the field of temporary workers looking to capitalise on labour trends abroad

Retraining employees.

As well as retaining the best talent, it will also be essential to provide permanent training and new skillsets to the ageing workforce that possesses valuable knowledge but needs a refresher course.