Even with the colder months approaching, sustainability doesn’t hibernate, waiting for the frost to melt. Helen Allen, Head of Strategic Accounts for leading construction recruiter Randstad, shares her thoughts on why sustainability is central and the different ways to get involved.

As more business leaders look to invest in the future of their organisations for their colleagues and customers, it is in having a robust sustainability strategy that will be key to success.

Nowhere is this more pronounced that in the construction sector, where there is an alarming decline in young people joining the industry. Our recent report on the Age of Housebuilding highlighted that the ageing of current workers means the industry needs to significantly increase the percentage of workers aged 16-24 entering the market - currently at just 7%.

But this challenge isn’t just up to the “leading lights” of the construction industry to pave the way. All those organisations with an interest in construction, whether large or small, have a responsibility to try and attract new talent to the sector. Whether a construction provider, or, like Randstad, a key supplier into the construction industry, it is essential that both our business and community activities highlight the fantastic opportunities and future that young people can have in construction. Ensuring we demonstrate best practices across our local communities, environment, marketplace and workplace will help promote the responsible business message across the sector.

By highlighting the different career path options and earning potential that young people can have entering construction, or raising funds through holding seasonal events, quizzes or fun runs with industry related charities like the Lighthouse Club, we all have the ability to raise the profile of the sector significantly. There are also accredited sustainability organisations, such as the Sustainability School, who are key to supporting the sector in promoting a sustainable ethos.

Additionally, the ability to speak directly with young people who are leaving school or college is key and is something which we have taken advantage of as a construction supplier. Although the university route is still popular, many young people are focussing on gaining qualifications while working - earning while learning - and construction is a great place to do this.  

So whether you are a construction business or a supplier into the industry, there are many ways we can all help to grow the amount of talent entering the sector and ensure a secure future.

To find out more about Randstad’s sustainability and CSR initiatives, please visit https://www.randstad.co.uk/future-workforce/