Randstad is committed to the delivery of an ingrained sustainable service to its clients. We understand the importance of our clients' focus and responsibility to minimise their impact upon society and the environment and as a service provider, we represent their supply chain with the same approach.

As part of a global organisation, we already have access to great international resources as well as having a strong sustainability framework in place. At Randstad, we specifically focus on the local needs of our client partners in the construction and engineering markets.

From our work with the Sustainability School to our ground-breaking research, take a look at the work we do to support workforce sustainability in construction, property and engineering.

Introduction to the Sustainability School

Sustainability is essential to maintaining the modern construction environment. Legislation is becoming more stringent and companies are facing increasing social pressures to create a greener & more ethical supply chain. But having the right materials and logistics is worth very little if we do not have the people to build, drive or create our ideas.

As a recruitment company, we have reduced opportunity to impact the tangible materials of supply chain management. But we are able to look at the sustainability of the workforce looking after all aspects of this chain.

The Sustainability School was set up in 2012 and consists of 44 of the UK's top construction contractors and FM service providers. The School provides free practical support in the form of e-learning modules, tailored self-assessements and action plans, sustainability training and networking opportunities.

We joined the Sustainability School as the only recruitment company dedicated to looking at staff sustainability & where the next wave of construction workers will be coming from.

The core themes we cover are:

  • Local workforce
  • Women in Construction
  • Age of Housebuilding
  • Students in Construction

We aim to provide the construction industry with the knowledge and information they need to create an all-encompassing workforce.

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Tips for promoting fairness, inclusion and respect

Our clients and large contractors are all working to develop a culture of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) within their workplaces and Randstad are no different. We actively promote equality and diversity across our workforce. This is seen from our management team all the way down to trainee consultants and includes the candidates we find work for.

Randstad are committed to the delivery of a sustainable service to our clients. Headed up by Managing Director, Owen Goodhead, we aim to more than double the amount of diverse hires placed through Randstad into the construction, property & engineering markets.

We want to be an attractive employer with equal opportunities for everyone in an environment in which knowledge, trust and diversity are highly valued. By attracting and training a diverse workforce of our own, who thrive in an environment built on Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR), we will drive a culture that fulfils the same ambition of our clients.

Helen Allen

Head of Strategic Accounts for Randstad is a FIR assessor for the sustainability school.

"Everyone has a role to play to promote Fairness, Inclusion & Respect within the construction industry. Employing a diverse workforce will enable businesses to expand skills and increase productivity. Becoming a FIR ambassador has allowed me to become an expert within this field and work with companies & individuals to implement an inclusive culture"

We are proud to say that all of our Directors have completed the Fairness, Inclusion & Respect module with 100% pass rate.

Lighthouse Club charity overview

The Lighthouse Construction Industry

Charity now provides a 24x7

Construction Industry Helpline

0845 605 1956

Proud to be a corporate sponsor of the UK's only construction related charity.

The Lighthouse Club was founded in 1956 and distributes over £500,000 a year to families in the construction industry community in times of crisis following an illness, accident, injury or bereavement.

We are actively working with the charity to help these people back into the construction industry. Our aim for 2016 & 2017 is to raise £5,000!

With 21 local Lighthouse Clubs across the UK, the charity are able to provide local knowledge and support to those who need it quickly.

Sarah Sidey

Senior Strategic Account Manager for Randstad and a club chairman for the North East region.

"Working with the Lighthouse Club has allowed myself and Randstad the opportunity to give something back to the industry and the people who work within it. The Lighthouse Club has had such a positive impact on those who need some help to get back on their feet and I am proud to have such an active role in it"

"The furtherance of good fellowship among people in the construction industry."

Eddie Ward - Founder

Read our insights and reports into diversity in the construction sector and the current state of the housing workforce.

The construction industry is becoming more and more diverse and women are now expected to make up a quarter of the workforce by 2020. However, issues surrounding workplace flexibility still persist and more needs to be done to address problems with equal pay. Read our report to find out how women's role in the industry is changing.

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A skills gap is widening in the housing sector and the need for new homes is increasing rapidly. In order to meet this soaring demand, the UK will need 1 million extra workers by 2020. Read our infographic to find out more.

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Randstad CPE Sustainability Strategy

At Randstad CPE, we understand the importance of our clients' focus and responsibility to minimise their impact upon society and the environment and build a sustainable future for all. As a key service provider, we represent their supply chain with the same approach.

Our aim is to build and maintain a future workforce by showcasing the positive elements of what it is like to work in the construction, property & engineering markets. As a supplier we have the ability to impact the human side of sustainability by focussing on accessibility, training and upskilling, working in partnership with our clients and candidates.

As a key part of this commitment, we are working with Supply Chain School and their members, taking an active role to promote sustainability across the workforce. Our continuous improvement has been recognised by the School with GOLD membership status and we are working together further this year to strengthen our partnership and achieve our objectives. Key areas that we are working on this year include:

By sharing best practice around areas such as health and safety on site, promoting the importance of positive mental health and producing industry leading content and thought leadership from our colleagues and clients, we aim to make the industry a better place to work.

Having over 40 years experience in the industry, we have a unique understanding of how entry can be challenging, especially for underrepresented, minority or marginalised groups. That is why we have produced several reports, including Women In Work and Women In Construction, as well as launching interactive content such as Career Match, to encourage students, young people and those considering a career in construction. We have also began working with other “hidden groups” such as ex offenders and ex military, whose skills and experience are recognised in the sector.

We are proud to have a longstanding partnership with construction industry charity The Lighthouse Club. By working closely with them and their patrons we have been able to shine a spotlight on some of the key issues affecting the sector including workplace standards, mental health and talent attraction. Additionally, as a global firm, we are conscious of the impact on the environment and ensure that our footprint is minimised where possible, while also adhering to global standards in environmental best practice.

With a dedicated training services department, we are committed to giving our candidates, and therefore our clients in turn, access to the latest knowledge and skills. ​In the last quarter, they booked 494 courses for candidates, plus the administration for 114 self funded courses and continue to support this commitment in 2017.

Our work in numbers

20% of the current workforce is made up of women

We place 70% of those who register with us with a Medical Condition

We find jobs for 1 in 2 of those who register with a Criminal Conviction

With offices covering the UK, we are best placed to find work for people in their local area

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