Globally, 75% of the respondents would change jobs now if they could make more money elsewhere - with the UK marginally more likely to make the move at 76%.

61%  of the world's employees also say their job is merely a means to make a living and nothing more, according to the latest findings of the Randstad Workmonitor survey in 33 countries.

Does your first job determine the rest of your career?

Not necessarily, say 56% globally and  34% of UK workers. But in Turkey, China and India  up to 82% of the employees state that their first job had a high impact on the rest of their career. Interestingly enough, when asked if employees landed their first job by coincidence, India (71%) and China (63%) together with Hong Kong (65%) score much higher than the global average of 47%. This implies that employees who make a conscious choice on their first job, feel more confident about being in charge of their careers than employees who entered the job market without having thought too much about future career moves.

However, whilst 58% globally think you can switch career paths at any time - only 53% of UK workers think so. A similar score to the US but way below the 77% posted by India. In fact the UK was in the bottom quartile of 33 countries for this particular question.

72% of employees worldwide see temporary work as a stepping stone to a permanent job, with Denmark (84%), China (83%), Brazil (82%)  and the UK (80%) at the higher end. 

Whatever your career drivers, whether money, fulfillment, a permanent position or a challenging change of direction, at Randstad we aim to ensure we find you a position that offers you everything you're looking for.