London is undergoing continuous transformation, with a number of projects changing the city’s skyline and community spaces to make it a true city of the future. We have selected our 5 favourite London construction projects that will make the biggest impact on the city.

We will kick off the list with some of the most anticipated projects due to be completed in the near future, bringing connectivity and improved travel speeds to hundreds of thousands of people and new destinations - these are of course improvements and new routes for Britain’s railways. We’ll then move onto a few other exciting projects looking to join London’s bustling construction schedule.

Battersea power station.

This previously decommissioned power station is set to become one of London’s most vibrant and sought after neighbourhoods. The seven phase, £8 billion redevelopment is a mere one mile from the Houses of Parliament making it a prime location for commuters wanting quick access to central London, especially with the extension of the Northern Line due to be completed in 2020.

Overall the project is set to create more than 15,000 jobs with roles like site manager and project engineer featuring prominently. There is also a heavy focus on providing opportunities for the local community through recruitment, and improving the local economy and business.

Crossrail (Elizabeth Line).

This is currently the biggest civil construction project in Europe, employing around 15,000 staff (professionals like test engineers were in high demand) over the course of the project with an estimated completion cost of just under £15 billion. The scheme will bring 10 new stations into use and link previously unlinked locations, increasing London’s rail capacity by 10%.

The scalpel.

An ambitious and slightly menacingly named commercial skyscraper is due to finish construction in 2018. Located on Lime Street, in the heart of the financial area, the building boasts a height of 190m and 38 stories, making it the 7th tallest skyscraper in London. The building will house W. R. Berkley’s EU headquarters, with some space also dedicated to commercial use, costing around £500 million to complete.

Thames baths lido.

Swimming in the Thames is something many people would have to be persuaded to do and the new lido project aims to do just that by transforming part of the river near Temple station into three floating freshwater pools. The project is estimated to cost about £10 million and it’s currently in the first stage of funding; if funded the pools will be a great addition to the local community providing a new green leisure space.

Spire London.

Demolition for this titan of a project began back in September 2016, with a current aim of completion for 2020. When finished, the 67-story building will be the same height as Canary Wharf’s current tallest resident, One Canada Square; it’ll also earn the title of Europe’s tallest residential skyscraper. As with many London’s skyscrapers, it’s already earned it self the nickname of ‘Flower Tower’ thanks to its unique petal-like shape. Estimated construction cost currently stands at £800 million.

There’s not likely to be a shortage of construction projects in London any time soon, with 510 more tall buildings planned for the future! Despite political unrest, the city continues to grow as the government invests funds to improve infrastructure and private firms consider the city to be prime real estate for companies and private investors alike. This means that the industry and need for professionals in construction will further increase, especially for roles like engineer, project manager, quantity surveyor, and so many more.