Communication is key to pretty much every job and none more so than in the highly competitive world of sales. A sales advisor cover letter is the perfect way to have a lasting impact on the person who could end up hiring you.

Top tips for sales advisor cover letters.

  • Bullet points – They’re a great way to highlight your skills and experience at a glance.
  • Grammar and spelling – Nothing will get you rejected faster than a poorly written letter so check everything is spelled correctly and there are no silly mistakes.
  • Sell yourself – Don’t forget to describe why you are the right person for the job and how you can make a positive contribution to the company. You want to create a lasting impression.

Why do sales advisors still use cover letters?

If you think about it, dozens of people, maybe even hundreds, will be applying for the same sales advisor role as you. And they’ll all be sending in CVs just like you. Without a cover letter, you’re in real danger of having your voice drowned out by everyone else. Plus, as a sales consultant it’s imperative to show you’re not only a first class communicator but that you can actually deal with sales – a sales advisor cover letter is your chance to shine.

What should I include in a sales advisor cover letter?

Your sales letter allows you to highlight your experience, skills and qualifications as well as show any prospective employer just why you are perfect for the role. There are no formal qualifications for the role but any experience you do have will help you stand out. Any evidence you can provide of increasing sales figures, beating targets, boosting turnover and motivating sales teams etc. will increase your chances too.

  • Keep it short and sweet – Recruiters are busy people. Keep your cover letter to a page of A4. Think very carefully about each sentence so you don’t waffle.
    Highlight any sales experience – Recruiters want to know what makes you the best person for the role. Draw attention to previous experience where you’ve really had an impact. For example, where you’ve closed important sales, or sales pipelines you might have developed and grown.
  • Lack of experience won’t hold you back – You shouldn’t be put off if this is your first time applying. You might not have any direct sales advisor experience but chances are you can draw on transferable skills you’ve gained from other work or educational experience. Think about how those same skills could apply in a sales setting and why you’re good at them.
  • Match your skills to the job advert – Sales roles will normally list skills required. Mould your skillset to the ones mentioned and show how they could be valuable to your future employer.
  • Be confident – So much in the sales world is based on personality and your ability to get on with others. You need to be positive, demonstrate that you can handle frequent rejection and show your enthusiasm for this competitive arena.

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