what is a marketing coordinator?

As a marketing coordinator, you coordinate cross-functional team efforts that support marketing initiatives. You assist the marketing team by organising logistics, researching vendors and processing invoices for marketing campaigns. Your role involves a lot of writing and researching. You assist with creating mailing lists and developing content to support product launches and social media campaigns. You also write original content for websites and print advertisements.

what does a marketing coordinator do?

The main role of a marketing coordinator is to ensure a consistent brand voice on all channels and marketing platforms. Hence, you need to develop content for social media pages and marketing materials that resonates with the brand image and reputation. Since you have your paws on active marketing campaigns, you need to contribute and support the marketing efforts with your digital marketing skills.

As a marketing coordinator, you ensure the marketing message resonates with consumers and the campaign message addresses their needs. Hence, you need exceptional copyediting skills and a penchant for words that appeal to customers. Your creativity is also important to separate your company's social media campaigns from the crowd. If you are creative, you can also think outside the box and develop ideas that capture and hold the audience's attention. Since you will be coordinating multiple activities in the department, you need basic project management skills to excel in the role.

Would working as a marketing coordinator suit your creativity and project management skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a marketing coordinator role.

marketing coordinator jobs

average salary of a marketing coordinator

According to ONS, the average salary of a marketing coordinator is £25,420 per year. Entry-level marketing coordinators take home £23,000, while experienced workers earn £32,000 per year. Unlike other marketing employees who earn commissions, most employers don't offer commissions to marketing coordinators. However, they receive bonuses and other non-monetary benefits to increase their salary prospects.

what factors affect the salary of a marketing coordinator?

The company size and location influence the expected salary range. For instance, if you work in a large company, the marketing budget can be large enough to accommodate high salaries for marketing coordinators. Small companies usually have limited budgets and may not afford a higher salary. The location influences the compensation package due to the difference in living costs and demand for the role. Hence, if you work in urban centres, you get a higher salary than someone in the same position in a semi-urban area. When you work for a marketing consultancy, your salary depends on the marketing efforts you assist the clients with and the types of clients.


two employee coordination
two employee coordination

types of marketing coordinators

Some of the types of marketing coordinators include:

  • content marketing coordinator: as a content marketing coordinator, you craft original content for the company. You write blog posts and other content for the company's website and social media pages. You also develop email lists and write content for email marketing campaigns.
  • social media marketing coordinator: your job is to create a social media presence for the company using various campaigns and marketing ideas. For instance, you can organise contests and create content to attract attention to the social media pages.
  • influencer marketing coordinator: as a marketing coordinator, you maintain a good relationship with the influencers marketing your company's products. You also give them the talking points and update them on new product launches and marketing campaigns.
  • digital marketing coordinator: your job is to drive traffic to the company website and improve brand recognition through marketing campaigns. You also use search engine advertisement and optimisation to improve the website's visibility to online users.


working as a marketing coordinator

As a marketing coordinator, you improve your company's digital marketing efforts and offline campaigns by providing support and coordinating activities. Let's explore the duties, work schedules and career prospects in the role.


education and skills

Some of the educational qualifications of a marketing coordinator include:

  • bachelor's degree: to become a marketing coordinator, you need an undergraduate degree in marketing, advertising, sales or psychology. You can also pursue a course in behavioural analysis, economics or statistics to join the role.
  • work experience: while marketing coordinator is an entry-level position, you need knowledge in advertising or sales. You will receive on-the-job training before working, but having prior experience improves your prospects. You can gain experience through internships and job placements.

skills and competencies

Some of the skills of a marketing coordinator include:

  • project management skills: as a marketing coordinator, you manage numerous projects simultaneously. Hence, you need good project management skills to help you plan and organise. You will complete your tasks on time and achieve your targets.
  • communication skills: you need exceptional writing skills since you use words to attract attention online. Your content should stand out and carve out a niche in the market.
  • creativity: as a marketing coordinator, you are in charge of designing marketing materials for various channels. Hence, creativity helps you find unique marketing angles for the products and exciting methods of attracting the audience's attention.
  • analytical skills: as a marketing coordinator, you need analytical skills to go through the marketing data. Analysing data helps you launch successful campaigns based on consumer preferences and buying habits.

woman listening to a conversation
woman listening to a conversation


FAQs about working as a marketing coordinator

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