If you had to think of the top paying careers in the healthcare industry you would probably automatically think of surgeons and doctors. It can take years to become qualified in those positions and if you don’t want to spend the best part of a decade studying, there are plenty of other equally well-paid healthcare jobs where you can enjoy a good salary as well as a rewarding role.

Best paying jobs in health care.

Pay in 2020 for a registered mental health nurse (RMN).

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Registered mental health nurses play a vital role in supporting patients with a range of mental health issues. The work can involve helping people to come to terms with a diagnosis or helping them to recover their health and get better. Work could be in a hospital setting, in the community, in patients’ homes or in a specialist unit. 

The ability to empathise with your patients is key to this job, and you’ll need great observational and communications skills. The work involves assessing patients, creating treatment plans, building relationships with patients and their families, administering medication and keeping patient records. As a newly qualified RMN in the NHS you’ll start on between £36,000 and £42,000 depending on where you work and senior nurse consultants can earn £48,000 or more. 

Average salary: £39,601 - randstad salary calculator

Pay in 2020 for a registered general nurse (RGN).

Nurses are the backbone of the NHS – if doctors are the rock stars, then nurses are the roadies and crew who ensure everything runs like clockwork. 

As a registered general nurse you’ll care for patients in different settings with a range of healthcare issues. You could work on anything from minor injuries to patients which chronic, long-term conditions. Day-to-day work might involve evaluating patients’ needs, administering drugs, keeping records, and advocating for patients on their behalf.

A newly qualified nurse can expect to earn between £22,000 and £28,000, with more senior staff earning around £35,000 a year. Matrons and nurse consultants of managers can earn around £69,000 a year. 

Average salary: £34,000 - randstad salary calculator

Which social care job pays best in the UK?

Deputy manager.

A deputy nurse manager works with other health professionals to develop the day-to-day management across different healthcare areas. In this position your role would involve managing nurses and other staff, implementing standards of care and measuring health outcomes. You would also be expected to coordinate, implement and enforce operational procedures, codes of conduct and personnel policies. 

You’ll also be involved in recruitment and disciplinary proceedings and provide leadership and supervision to other nurses. It’s a role that carries a lot of responsibility, and most people in the industry normally have around five or more years of nursing experience. 

Average salary; £36,000 - randstad salary calculator

Registered manager.

A registered manager is a senior role and the next step up from a deputy manager. As it’s a management position you’ll need extensive experience in nursing and deputy manager roles. You could work within a hospital setting or across care homes or children’s homes. 

A registered manager is responsible for managing more junior staff and teams, supporting patient care, implementing frameworks, policies and procedures and overseeing the smooth running of the department or care facility in which they are based. This could be in a children’s home, nursing home, supported housing or hospice care.

Experience registered managers can earn £45,000 a year with certain managers in private settings commanding £75,000 or more. 

Average salary £25,000-£37,000 - randstad salary calculator

Qualified social worker.

Social workers work to make people’s lives better, supporting them through difficult times in the lives. They work with vulnerable adults and children in a variety of situations like those who have been abused, dealing substance misuse, or helping people with mental health issues. The role is a challenging one that can involve making tough decisions that aren’t always well received. 

Average salary £22,000 - £40,000 - randstad salary calculator