Most of the work we do is personal and hands-on because we’re dedicated to developing a solid relationship between your students and our Support Workers.

But we wouldn’t be able to effectively manage our service provision without Opus; our bespoke online timesheet, payroll and disability funding database.

The benefits of Opus

Opus can be used by colleges and universities to complement existing systems and facilitate cost savings, as well as:

  • Significantly increase the quality of support given to each student
  • Increase the capacity for more students to receive support
  • Give support staff more time to develop services for students
  • Improve cost and resource management of support services
  • Improve cash flow
  • Eliminate support funding overspend
  • Provision of management information

What does Opus enable us to do?

  • Electronic creation, submission, approval and payment of timesheets
  • Automated control of students entitlements and allowances
  • Access to electronic invoicing and management information
  • Secure accessible and user friendly system for students, Support Workers and Disability Support teams

To find out more about how we can improve the academic experience of your students, please contact us.

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