We might not be busting a move on the dance floor at this year’s festive party, but we can still upscale our online festivities. 

It goes without saying that this year has been far from normal, so employees are no doubt looking for some way to round the year off with a bit of festive fun.

Top tips on how to keep employees in the festive spirit during a pandemic;

  • Virtual drinks
  • Festive competitions
  • Recognition and reward
  • Light-hearted content

Did someone say virtual drinks? 

This is an easy win to lift people’s spirits (and their glasses full of spirits). It’s important to remember that talking to a screen for the past few months may have caused video call fatigue so make sure you plan instead of relying on employees to carry the conversation.

Quizzes are so yesterday! Why not host a fun awards evening with titles such as ‘always on mute’ or ‘always dressed to impress’, mini themed breakout rooms, or host events such as escape rooms, like this Harry Potter one, or even a murder mystery.

Making everyday festive day comps virtual.

If you’re missing out on bringing your competitive side out this season, why not move those activities online. Crowd favourites range from how many mince pies can you eat in a minute  (the Guinness World Records fastest time is three mince pies is 52.21 seconds), best dressed Christmas tree (a indirect way to show off your festive decorations) or organise an online raffle.

Spreading love and recognition.

For many employers, Christmas parties were a way to say thank you for the hard work employees had done during the year but in a limited contact world we are in now, how can you still recognise your employees hard work?

Randstad’s 2020 employer brand research highlighted that the most attractive nonmonetary benefits desired by employees are centred around flexibility, with flexible working hours and being able to work from home being two of the top three key drivers. 54% have salary at the top of their list and 52% have wellbeing showing that a company that offers flexibility and looks after their employee's wellbeing is as desirable as a decent salary. 

Recognition isn’t always about the gifts and the end of year chocolates, as shown by the above stats. Why not try; 

  • Shout out an employees achievements on your company intranet, email or during a team video call
  • Make sure you are giving thanks where it’s due - a little kindness goes a long way.
  • Write a personalised e-card or post a Christmas card that thanks and highlights a  proud moment of they have done this year

What do you Meme? 

Say no more! Literally, why not spread some Christmas cheer with a personalised Meme! Have you got an inside joke or a funny moment that has happened this year? You can create a Meme using this generator - now get creative! 

And how can we forget about a festive favourite, Elf Yourself. You can upload up to 5 of your employees' faces and spread the happiness or why not have your UKLT treat all employees to a laugh.

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