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average UK nurse salaries.

Hiring for nursing roles? Find out the average UK nurse salaries on offer

Before you start recruiting for a role, it’s first important to have a thorough understanding of the salary brackets for each position, to make sure that your offer is competitive and compelling to candidates.

Great healthcare requires dedicated and skilled healthcare professionals to provide it. Nurses are on the frontline in giving that support, interacting directly with those who most need care. 

Randstad connects nursing staff at all levels with roles in the NHS, health trusts, and local councils across the UK, as well as positions within private organisations. We understand what makes a brilliant caregiver – and we have a network of talented nurses who can deliver.

To make sure you’re securing the best talent in the market, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make appropriate salary offers to nursing candidates.

registered nurses

Registered general nurses (RGNs) work in a variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals and clinics, all the way through to private facilities.

As this role is multi-faceted in scope and skills, your ideal candidate will be one who has both depth and range of experience and can stay calm and confident under pressure. 

When it comes to matters of pay, the average yearly salary for a registered nurse after three – five years of work experience is between £30,980 and £36,500 per year. The market median sits at £34,460.

mental health nurses

As well as holding nursing degrees or diplomas, mental health nurses are specialised in caring for those with specific mental health needs. 

Whether that’s on a dedicated psychiatric ward, in residential settings or out in community health centres, mental health nurses are adept at supporting individuals and their families to recover from and live with a range of conditions.

The average compensation for this role is £18,810, based on three – five years' experience. The salary bracket spans £16,930 and £21,860.

staff nurses

Often the first people patients come into contact with when they get to hospital, staff nurses are on the very forefront of the frontline. They’re charged with looking after those who have fallen ill or become injured.

Depending on location and exact role scope, the salary bracket is between £30,980 and £36,500. Once these professionals have amassed between three and five years of experience, the average salary for a staff health nurse is £34,460. 

staff nurse salary
staff nurse salary

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