Hiring for developer roles? Find out the average industry developer salaries on offer

Before you start recruiting for a developer role, it’s important to have a good sense of the candidate job market and of current salary levels and expectations to make sure that your offer is competitive and compelling enough to secure skilled candidates for these sometimes difficult-to-fill positions.

Rapid software and programme advances in recent years have meant that software and web engineers, developers and IT professionals form an integral part of keeping a business future fit, and they remain in high demand. 

To make sure you’re securing the best software and web development talent in the market, arm yourself with the knowledge to make appropriate salary offers. We provide an updated overview of average UK salaries offered for each position, from our salary calculator data:

Software developers

What do software developers do?

Software developers, also known as computer programmers, are highly skilled IT experts who research, implement and oversee software programmes.

What’s the average software developer salary?

For developers with five years’ experience in the role, £36,060 is the average annual salary. Roles in the lower bracket average around £30,610 salary, with the upper bracket seeing an average annual salary of £41,510.


software developer salary
software developer salary

Web developers

What do web developers do?

A web developer provides the technical knowhow to enable company websites to run smoothly, in a role that can encompass coding, web design and user experience. Typical tasks may include building new website functionality, maintaining content management systems (CMS) and ensuring cross platform and cross-device compatibility. 

What’s the average web developer salary?

Web developers can command an average annual salary of £30,910 with five years’ experience. In line with standard fluctuations across markets and businesses, the lower bracket average salary drops down to £29,700 while the upper percentile average goes up to an average annual salary of £35,760.

web developer salary
web developer salary

Full-stack developers

What do full-stack developers do?

A full-stack developer is proficient in both front-end and back-end coding, as well as in servers, networks and hosting – a broader skillset than most developer roles.

What’s the average full-stack developer salary?

Currently, the average full stack developer salary in the UK is £38,630 based on 5 years' experience with no extras. For those with less experience in role, the lower bracket average stands at £35,760, ramping up to £46,210 on average at the higher end.

full stack developer salary
full stack developer salary

Java developers

Java developers are still very much in demand, some 20 years on from the programming language’s creation. 

The average java developer salary in the UK is £38,630 based on 5 years' experience. For less experienced java developers, the lower bracket averages around £35,760, and on the other side averages at £46,210 for higher earners.

java developer salary
java developer salary

Software engineers 

What do software engineers do?

Simply put, software engineers are technical architects. They design computer systems, games and products, before their colleagues the software developers build them. They work through planning all elements of the new development, from drawing up operating diagrams to developing algorithms to follow.

What’s the average software engineer salary?

Once a software engineer has garnered five years’ experience, they can expect to earn an average salary of £36,060.

The average salary for more junior software engineers sits at £30,610. For roles in the upper bracket for experienced software engineers, the average goes up to £41,510.

software engineer salary
software engineer salary

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